%22I was so inspired that I signed up again the day we arrived in Montréal.%22

Dianne - 2nd Year Rider

The Event

PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally is an experience like no other. Regardless of which Ride you sign up for – the 1-Day Ride or the 6-Day Ride – by the end of the day, you will have memories to last a lifetime and friends for life.

1 Day and 6 Day Route map
DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 Day 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 Departure: Toronto Day 1: Port Hope Day 2: Adolphustown Day 3: Kingston Day 4: Johnstown Day 5: Lancaster Day 6: Montréal RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Toronto - Port Hope RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Port Hope - Adolphustown RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Adolphustown - Kingston RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Kingston - Johnstown RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Johnstown - Lancaster RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Lancaster - Montreal



The Bike Rally departs early Sunday morning, starting out from Allan Gardens.

The Day 1 route follows familiar training ride routes before heading into the countryside. The roads can be busy as we travel parts of the Kings Highway and rolling hills make the afternoon challenging, but the energy will be high as we start out, those rolling hills make for some pretty views, and the day ends in a beautiful campsite overlooking the lake.



Day 2 is the longest day of the Bike Rally. We ride through the countryside, crossing the swing bridge at Murray Canal before we stop for lunch at Henderson's in Consecon. The afternoon is spent riding along the lake as we head to Picton – and up the largest hill of the ride.



Today we ride into Kingston dressed in red. Day 3 is our shortest day – just 51km – and marks the halfway point of Bike Rally. It’s Dress in Red Day and everyone looks fabulous and raising awareness of the cause as we roll along, creating a long red ribbon of riders.

Day 4


We start our day early, well rested, and with clean laundry. After a hot breakfast from the Queen's University cafeteria, we get back on the road towards Gananoque, the Thousand Islands and lunch at the best swimming spot of the week.

Today, we celebrate our Top Fundraisers. Riders and Crew are acknowledged with gold jerseys / T-shirts. Top Fundraiser Riders lead us out of Kingston.

Today we will also announce this year's recipient of the David Linton Spirit of the Rally Award.



Today we are going to take the time to think about the meaning of the ride. Think of the physical challenges you have overcome thus far. Who are you riding for? Take a moment and find out why others are on the ride.

Today’s ride takes us along the Long Sault Parkway and includes a stop at Dairy Queen in Lancaster – where, for today only, $0.50 of every sale will go to PWA. With the number of calories we've burned, we can afford to splurge!



The last day of the ride! Today, we wear our official Bike Rally Jerseys and Crew T-shirts along with a red ribbon and Bike Rally pin. We head into Montréal – stopping to mark our crossing the border into Quebec – riding mostly along bike paths on the way into the city. It's a time to enjoy the scenery.

Departure: Toronto

Departure, 2015

Departing Allan Gardens in the heart of the Garden District of downtown Toronto.

Day 1: Port Hope

Day 1 Arrival Location

Arrival at the Haskill's beautiful cliff-top property overlooking Lake Ontario.

Day 2: Adolphustown

Day 2, U.E.L. Park

After a long day, participants arrive at U.E.L. Heritage Centre/Park Adolphustown, a lakeside retreat a short ride after crossing on the Glenora Ferry.

Day 3: Kingston

Day 3, Queen's Accommodation

We are half-way to Montréal! Tonight we take a break from camping and stay at Queen's University residences. You have the afternoon to rest and relax. Enjoy one of the annual dinners and shows but remember, you're back on your bike tomorrow!

Day 4: Johnstown

Day 4, Candlelight

After a beautiful ride and stops in beautiful Gananoque and Brockville we, are back to camping staying at Grenville Park Campground located just past Prescott, at the foot of the bridge to the USA.

Tonight, we host the annual Candlelight Celebration.

Day 5: Lancaster

Crew at Dairy Queen

It's been a powerful day of cycling, honouring and celebrating the reasons we are all on the ride. After the brief annual Dairy Queen treat we camp at the wooded Glengarry Park Campground. Tonight is our last night together as a group.

Day 6: Montréal

Riders with Quebec sign

6 days, 600 kilometres and a lifetime of memories. You made it, now celebrate!

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Toronto - Port Hope

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Port Hope - Adolphustown

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Adolphustown - Kingston

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Kingston - Johnstown

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Johnstown - Lancaster

RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Lancaster - Montreal


6 day, 600 km journey to Montréal

1 day, 110 km journey to Port Hope

Cheer, Feed, Support, Celebrate


Visit our youtube channel and see what participants have to say about the Bike Rally.


Memories from the Bike Rally are captured in thousands of photos by the official photographer and, of course, by participants and others. Here are a few from 2015 that will give you a taste of just how amazing this event is.