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Free Winter/Indoor Training Rides (Spin Classes)

Attention all Riders and Potential Riders! Want to get your training off to an early start? We're excited to offer free Spin Classes every Wednesday (7 pm to 8 pm) and Sunday (1 pm to 2 pm) from now until April 12, 2017. Space is limited, so make sure you register...
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Flat-Fix & Roadside Repair

Safety Check Before you Ride: Steering Headset loose? Stem loose? Bar end plugs? Brakes: Should grip quickly and easily Do they feel stiff or gritty when applied? Are brake pads worn down? Loose? Cable condition: are they rusting? frayed? Brake pads aligned correctly...
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Nutrition Tips

By Brian Farr When the rides get longer and the weather is hotter it’s crucial to eat and hydrate properly. It’s important to take a sports drink formula with you when on the training rides and on the ride itself. If you’re drinking only water while riding you are not...
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6 Ways to Avoid Accidents on the Bike Rally

We have all worked very hard so far, training, fundraising and planning, so let’s have a good time when we’re out on the road and not have it spoiled by accidents and injury! Here are some important things to keep in mind on the road; whether you’re a long-time...
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Climbing Technique & Tips

By Lucinda Wallace Increase your cadence Aim for a cadence of 80-100 rpms on the flats and 60-80 rpms when climbing. A high cadence prevents fatigue over long rides because it spares your muscles by employing your cardiovascular system instead. If you do not have a...
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Cycling Gear Guide

By Lucinda Wallace Choosing the right equipment and clothing for cycling can sometimes make the difference between pleasure and pain. Bike stores may often resemble a tangled jungle of gear and gizmos, but understanding what you actually need for riding will ensure a...
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