6-Day Ride


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1 Day and 6 Day Route map
DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 Day 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 Departure: Toronto Day 1: Port Hope Day 2: Adolphustown Day 3: Kingston Day 4: Johnstown Day 5: Lancaster Day 6: Montréal DAY 1: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Toronto - Port Hope DAY 2: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Port Hope - Adolphustown DAY 3: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Adolphustown - Kingston DAY 4: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Kingston - Johnstown DAY 5: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Johnstown - Lancaster DAY 6: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Lancaster - Montreal



The Bike Rally departs early Sunday morning, starting out from Allan Gardens.

The Day 1 route follows familiar training ride routes before heading into the countryside. The roads can be busy as we travel parts of the Kings Highway and rolling hills make the afternoon challenging, but the energy will be high as we start out, those rolling hills make for some pretty views, and the day ends in a beautiful campsite overlooking the lake.



Day 2 is the longest day of the Bike Rally. We ride through the countryside along the Loyalist Parkway, crossing the Carrying Place bridge at on the Trent Severn Waterway before we stop for lunch at Chantal Grodin's country property in Consecon. The afternoon is spent riding along the lake as we head to Picton – and up the largest hill of the ride.



Today we ride into Kingston dressed in red. Day 3 is our shortest day – just 51km – and marks the halfway point of Bike Rally. It’s Dress in Red Day and everyone looks fabulous and raising awareness of the cause as we roll along, creating a long red ribbon of riders.

Day 4


We start our day early, well rested, and with clean laundry. After a hot breakfast from the Queen's University cafeteria, we get back on the road towards Gananoque, the Thousand Islands and lunch at the best swimming spot of the week.

Today, we celebrate our Top Fundraisers. Riders and Crew are acknowledged with gold jerseys / T-shirts. Top Fundraiser Riders lead us out of Kingston.

Today we will also announce this year's recipient of the David Linton Spirit of the Rally Award.



Today we are going to take the time to think about the meaning of the ride. Think of the physical challenges you have overcome thus far. Who are you riding for? Take a moment and find out why others are on the ride.

Today’s ride takes us along the Long Sault Parkway and includes a stop at Dairy Queen in Lancaster – where, for today only, $0.50 of every sale will go to PWA. With the number of calories we've burned, we can afford to splurge!



The last day of the ride! Today, we wear our official Bike Rally Jerseys and Crew T-shirts along with a red ribbon and Bike Rally pin. We head into Montréal – stopping to mark our crossing the border into Quebec – riding mostly along bike paths on the way into the city. It's a time to enjoy the scenery.

Departure: Toronto

Departure, 2015

Departing Allan Gardens in the heart of the Garden District of downtown Toronto.

Day 1: Port Hope

Day 1 Arrival Location

Arrival at the Haskill's beautiful cliff-top property overlooking Lake Ontario.

Day 2: Adolphustown

Day 2, U.E.L. Park

After a long day, participants arrive at U.E.L. Heritage Centre/Park Adolphustown, a lakeside retreat a short ride after crossing on the Glenora Ferry.

Day 3: Kingston

Day 3, Queen's Accommodation

We are half-way to Montréal! Tonight we take a break from camping and stay at Queen's University residences. You have the afternoon to rest and relax. Enjoy one of the annual dinners and shows but remember, you're back on your bike tomorrow!

Day 4: Johnstown

Day 4, Candlelight

After a beautiful ride and stops in beautiful Gananoque and Brockville we, are back to camping staying at Grenville Park Campground located just past Prescott, at the foot of the bridge to the USA.

Tonight, we host the annual Candlelight Celebration.

Day 5: Lancaster

Crew at Dairy Queen

It's been a powerful day of cycling, honouring and celebrating the reasons we are all on the ride. After the brief annual Dairy Queen treat we camp at the wooded Glengarry Park Campground. Tonight is our last night together as a group.

Day 6: Montréal

Riders with Quebec sign

6 days, 600 kilometres and a lifetime of memories. You made it, now celebrate!

DAY 1: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Toronto - Port Hope

DAY 2: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Port Hope - Adolphustown

DAY 3: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Adolphustown - Kingston

DAY 4: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Kingston - Johnstown

DAY 5: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Johnstown - Lancaster

DAY 6: RIDE WITH GPS MAP: Lancaster - Montreal

Participants of all fitness levels and a love of cycling and the outdoors will truly love their Bike Rally experience. The 6-Day Ride is a week-long adventure. You will establish new friendships and be part of a community who are committed to collectively contributing to providing positive change for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Riders cycle through beautiful towns and cities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Every day is another beautiful experience. The Bike Rally has been doing this for so long that it is not uncommon for residents along the route come out and cheer us on as we pass through their communities.


Packing Day
Saturday, August 10, 2019, 9:00 AM – NOON* (new end time)

Msgr. Fraser – Isabella Campus Secondary School, 146 Isabella St., Toronto

Download a pdf of the 6-Day Ride packing list

Packing Day occurs the day before we depart and is MANDATORY for all 1-Day, 3-Day and 6-Day Riders and Crew. During Packing Day, you will be able to complete any final paperwork, and receive your event packages. If you’re a 1-Day Rider, you’ll be able to load onto a designated truck a knapsack or small bag packed with your street clothes and everything else you’ll need in Port Hope. If you’re a 3-Day or 6-Day Rider or Crew and your final destination is Montréal, you’ll pack your gear into your Rubbermaid bins and load them onto the Rustler trucks. 6-Day Riders will get access to their gear the following day in camp, and 3-Day Riders will  get their gear when they arrive in Kingston the evening of Day 3.


Reminder: Do NOT pack your Official Bike Rally jersey or Crew T-shirt or whatever else you need for Departure Day.

Give yourself at least an hour to complete the process.

During registration you will:
  • Sign in and pick up a check-list to ensure that you complete the entire registration process. You will receive a name tag. Please wear your name tag at all times during the Bike Rally.
  • Hand in any outstanding pledges. In order to participate in the Bike Rally, PWA must have received the minimum fundraising required by June 30:
    • $2,500 if you’re a 6-Day Rider
    • $1,750 if you’re a first year Montreal Rider and opted for this minimum before March 31.
    • $650 if you’re a 1-Day Rider

If you have any last-minute pledges you can submit them during Packing Day.

6-Day Riders and Crew: Pick up your personalized labels for your bins.

All participants: Complete medical forms and waivers and a copy of your Health Card (front and back) or proof of travel insurance if you have not dropped them off at PWA already. We strongly recommend that you complete this prior to Packing Day as it will save you time. Please note Crew are also required to submit a copy of their driver’s license if they have not done so.

All Participants: Pick up your Rider jerseys or Crew T-shirt.

1-Day Riders: Proceed outside to deposit your bag in the assigned truck

6-Day Riders: Proceed outside to pick up your Rubbermaid bins and load them onto the trucks.

Loading the Trucks Bring your packed bins or small bag to your assigned truck letter where you will meet the Rubbermaid Rustler Crew members responsible for your truck. They will help you load your bins or bag securely and be responsible for transporting, loading and unloading your gear in Port Hope and all week long. Remember which truck your bins are in – they are marked alphabetically. If you’re with us to Montréal, your bins will be on the same truck every day of the Rally. Please note that once your belongings are loaded onto the trucks, they will become inaccessible as other bins or bags are loaded in behind them. You will not have access to them until our arrival at the campsite in Port Hope, so do not pack items you need for Day 1 such as the Official Bike Rally jersey or Crew T-shirt, sunscreen, and medications.

Essentials Market Donation On Packing Day, we ask all Participants to contribute to PWA Essentials Market. This weekly program provides much needed food and was accessed over by over 1,100 individuals last year alone. We will have collection bins on site to collect any food items you can bring in. Useful donations include: grocery store gift cards, Ensure or Boost meal replacement, canned meat, fish, vegetables, beans, pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, rice, baby food, peanut butter, powdered/canned milk and any other non-perishables, and pet food. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Day 1 - Departure Day



Sunday, August 11, 2019 – Barbara Hall Park (519 Church Street, Toronto) 

Toronto to Port Hope 110 km

This is the day you have been waiting for! All those months of training and fundraising have led to this day, the start of our journey to Port Hope or Montréal for our 1-Day or 6-Day Riders.


  • 7:30 AM Participant Sign in
  • 8:00 AM Group Photos
  • 8:30 AM Speeches
  • 8:45 AM Group Stretch
  • 9:00 AM Departure

Coffee, beverages and snacks will be available.

All Participants must wear the Official 2019 Bike Rally Jersey or Crew T-shirt which was provided on Packing Day.


23 km: East Point Park, Scarborough, ON


60 km: Lakeview Park, Oshawa, ON


84 km: Bond Head Parkette, Bond Head, ON


110 km: The Haskills’ Farm is a gorgeous location, high atop a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario just before Port Hope.

Swimming is available, but the shore is rocky so use appropriate footwear.

Starting at 3:00 PM, buses will depart every 30 minutes to take Participants to the local sports complex for showers or a swim in the newly renovated pool, there is a $5.50 fee for using the pool. The sports complex closes at 8:00 PM with the last bus returning to camp at 8:00 PM, so plan accordingly.


Our emotional departure, a scenic afternoon ride, and a gorgeous arrival overlooking Lake Ontario, as we cheer in our 1-Day Riders.


Bike Rally Departure and the Official 1-Day or 6-Day Bike Rally Jersey / Crew T-shirt


If you’re a 1-Day Rider – congratulations! After months of training and fundraising, you made it to Port Hope! After being cheered into Haskills’ farm, 1-Day Riders, their friends and family, 6-Day Riders and Crew will join in a celebration dinner!


Thank you for a great day! We hope you had a fantastic experience and hope you will join us for the 6-Day Ride next year!

1-Day Ride participants and their bikes will be transported back to Toronto following dinner and the Evening Programme.

Participants must have their bikes loaded on to the assigned truck(s) by 5:30 PM.

Following the evening program, participants will meet the bus near the road at the entrance to Haskills’ farm. The bus and truck(s) will depart at 8:30 PM sharp.

The bus is scheduled to arrive in Toronto at Barbara Hall Park (beside The 519) on Church Street, at or before 10:00 PM. If you are arranging to have someone pick you up in Toronto, parking is available on the street and at the Beer Store (across the street from The 519).

The Rubbermaid Rustlers and a Bike Rally Assistant will be on hand in the Beer Store parking lot with your bike. All Riders are required to pick up their bike that evening. PWA will not store or hold your bike until a later date.

Day 2 - The Longest Day

Monday August 12, 2019

Port Hope to Adolphustown 130.9 km

While this is the longest day of cycling, it is one of the most beautiful. Cycling through small towns and villages you will get to see the beautiful Prince Edward County countryside. Communities along this route regularly come out to cheer us on.



38 km: Wicklow Beach Park, Wicklow, ON


82 km: Chantale Grondin Residence, Consecon, ON Chantal Grondin and her late partner, Heather, have been long-time champions of the Bike Rally and have hosted us at their home in Consecon for Day 2 lunch for many years.


102 km: Schroedter’s Café and Bakery at Huff’s Corners (just outside Picton, ON)


131 km: U.E.L. Heritage Centre/Park Adolphustown is a lakeside retreat, a short ferry ride on the Glenora Ferry.

Swimming and showers are both available; however, showers are limited and may have long wait times. We recommend taking an ecoshower on the beach. Note: Showers take $0.25/$1.00


Being cheered through the main streets of small town Ontario, Henderson’s House in Consecon, the ride along Lake Ontario after lunch, the Glenora Ferry and riding through downtown Picton.


The Bike Rally Sponsor Jersey


Bike Rally’s Got Talent!

For your second night on the Bike Rally, join us for Bike Rally’s Got Talent! Riders and Crew are invited to sign up, either on your own, with your Bike Rally team or with another group of friends. You must register in advance. Contact engage@bikerally.org to sign up.

Day 3 - Welcome to Kingston
Tuesday August 13, 2019

Adolphustown to Kingston 51 km

After the previous days long and adventurous ride, Day 3 is the shortest and quite possibly the most entertaining day of the week. Dress In Red day has become an annual favourite and the most significant attention-grabbing theme. The colour red is synonymous with the HIV/AIDS. Everyone is encouraged to dress in whatever red clothing they have – some people get really creative, you could even say competitive!

Passers by can’t help but stop and ask what we’re doing and why. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share our reason for riding and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.



21.6 km: Finkle Shore Park, Bath, ON


51 km: No campsite! We will be staying at Queen’s University. Laundry facilities are available, bring money to buy laundry cards or take your clothes to a local “fluff & fold”.

A Buffet Lunch will be available from 11:30 AM -1:30 PM.


Cycling along the bay, Buffet Lunch at Queen’s University, having the afternoon off, laundry facilities, showers…and a bed.


Dress in Red Day

Tuesday is the oh-so-fabulous Dress in Red Day so make sure you air out your dresses, jerseys or any other red clothing! As in past years’ Rides, Dress in Red Day will be a sight to behold, so plan to take lots of photos.


All participants have the afternoon and evening off, will be responsible for their own dinner arrangements, and are free to entertain themselves in the great city of Kingston.


No Camping, Hot Showers, and Laundry! As part of your participation, the Bike Rally privides accommodations at Queen’s University Residences.

Access to bins will be available at 1:00pm. You can take what you need to your room and leave your belongings in your bin where they will be monitored by 24 hour security.


Schedule of Activity 

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 

Relax in some shade, make use of a complimentary therapy and enjoy a snack from the snack truck before Lunch.

11:00 AM 

Room Check-In opens. Participants will be able to pick up their room key. NOTE: Rooms will not be available until 1:00 PM

If you are staying off-campus, you will still need to check-in to pick up your meal tickets.

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM 

Buffet Lunch, Leonard Hall, Queen’s University (just to the north of our arrival location)

Please bring the lunch ticket you were given at check-in.

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

Wellness Treatment available.

1:00 PM 

Participants can pick up their bins and access their rooms. Arrival in Kingston presents a new challenge for the Rubbermaid Rustlers –trucks are unloaded together, but is done one truck at a time into the building, often around tight corners and through narrow halls. Bins will be stacked in neat rows according to truck designations, as usual.

Participants must wait until after 1:00 PM when ALL bins have been unloaded and accounted for before they can access the bin storage area.

Once the Rubbermaid Rustlers confirm they have completed the unloading of the trucks and opened up access to the bins, you may take one or both of your bins up to your room, or simply take out the things you need. Please do not drag your bins along the floor. Bicycles should be taken up to a participant’s room. Queen’s University, PWA and the Bike Rally Crew are not responsible for any loss or damage of property. Please note that oversized tent bins are not taken off the trucks in Kingston. If you want to air out an oversized tent, please pack it in one of your personal bins that morning.

2:00 PM 

RV closes.

 Please pick up any medication stored on the RV

 The RV will be inaccessible after 2:00 PM until the next morning at 7:00 AM. The Wellness Crew Leader and Wellness Crew Team will be off duty in Kingston after 2:00 PM until 7:00 AM the next day. IN CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital (a block from Queen’s University) if you require medical attention.

The Bike Mechanics go off duty.

 The Bike Mechanics have been working very hard and have the afternoon off in Kingston. If you are having mechanical trouble, please make a trip to one of the local bike shops.


Enjoy the Kingston Nightlife!

We highly recommend what has become a Bike Rally tradition – Harvey Malinsky’s Stages Night Club fundraiser. This annual event has raised thousands for PWA and a portion of the proceeds will support local HIV/AIDS services in Kingston.

Queen’s University is about a 20-minute walk to Kingston’s downtown core along Princess Street where you will have access to restaurants, pubs and shopping.

Day 4 - Launching the 3-Day Ride & Remembering Why We Ride
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kingston to Johnstown 109 km

On this day, Day 4, we celebrate and honour our purpose and reason for the Ride and launch the 3-Day Ride. The day begins with a celebration and acknowledgement of the Top Fundraisers and ends with a moving and powerful tradition – the Candlelight Celebration.


Top Fundraisers will don their jersey and t-shirt to wear with pride, and the top fundraiser Riders will lead us out of Kingston.

We will also announce this year’s recipient of the David Linton Spirit of the Rally Award. This award, named after one of the founders of the Bike Rally, is presented each year to the person that demonstrates, through their actions, a generosity of spirit, caring and passion in supporting others in the Bike Rally.

In the morning, we ask that all Participants return bins and gear to the truck-letter designated rows BEFORE breakfast begins at 7:00 AM. Announcements, Top Fundraisers and Awards will go from 7:30-8:00 AM, followed by stretching. Since there is no designated area to store bikes securely while you eat, we recommend you leave them in your room until after breakfast. Do not forget to drop off your room key in the bins at Leggett Hall as you will be charged $100 for un-returned keys.

Photos of Top Fundraisers and the David Linton Award winner will take place at 8:00 AM outside the breakfast hall.  All cyclists then gather at 8:45 AM at Leonard Hall for a 9:00 AM departure.

If you are staying off-campus, you must be back at Queen’s ready to ride (dressed, breakfast eaten, bins packed and ready to be loaded) by 8:00 AM at the latest.



31.2 km: Gananoque Town Park, Gananoque, ON


66 km: Brown’s Bay Park by Thousand Islands (Beautiful for swimming.)


83 km: Armagh S. Price Park, Brockville, ON


109 km: Grenville Park Campground is located just past Prescott at the foot of the bridge to the USA. Swimming and showers are both available. Please note you will need quarters to operate the showers at this campsite.


CELEBRATING TOP FUNDRAISERS!, Hot breakfast at Queens University cafeteria, Gananoque, cycling through the Thousand Islands Parkway, Brockville and the best swimming spot of the week, the Candlelight Celebration.


Wednesday is the day we recognize our top fundraisers who will be wearing their 2018 Top Fundraiser jerseys. It’s also Pimp Your Helmet Day. Bring out your baubles and streamers, your pom poms, your kupie dolls or whatever. Just make sure everything fastens well to your helmet so that nothing falls off and nothing is poking into your head while you ride!


Candlelight Celebration – a Bike Rally tradition when we commemorate those we’ve lost to HIV/AIDS and celebrate the advances we’ve made, and continue to make, in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with it.

Day 5 - Our Last Night Together
Thursday August 15, 2019

Johnstown to Lancaster 108 km

After an emotional and powerful Candlelight Celebration the previous evening, today, we reflect on the meaning of the ride. Think of the physical challenges and accomplishments thus far. Who are you riding for? Take a moment and find out why others are on this journey with you.

Today is also our last night together. Tonight we light up the night and rest up for grand finale – Arrival in Montréal!



29 km: – Morrisburg Beach Park, Morrisburg, ON


60 km: Milles Roches Island


78 km: Cornwall Aquatic Centre, Cornwall, ON


108 km: Glengarry Park Campground is a beautiful wooded campground nestled along the shore of the St. Lawrence.


The stunning Long Sault Parkway, Cornwall’s bike paths, Dairy Queen in Lancaster, and tenting amongst the tall trees.

Everyone loves Dairy Queen! What could be a better way to celebrate our arrival into Lancaster than with a great Blizzard treat? $0.50 from every Royal treat, Blizzard or milkshake purchased will be donated to the Bike Rally.


Today, those wishing to, can disclose their HIV status in a safe and welcoming environment by wearing a POZ jersey. POZ jerseys can be picked up the night of Day 4 from PWA Staff at a designated area.

For others, ride and crew today in solidarity and support of our courageous friends for life. Red ribbons will be distributed by your Team Leaders and attach it to your helmet, hat, shirt or vehicle.


Karaoke! – After the success of the evening last year, the Karaoke machine is back! We’ll start the festivities at 8 pm. The song list will be available after dinner for selecting your favourite tune and signing onto the performers list. For everyone else, prepare to be entertained, to make some noise and even to sing along!

Day 6 - To Montreal!
Friday August 16, 2019

Lancaster to Montréal 101 km

It has all come down to this day. Today, with excitement and anticipation, we face the last leg of our adventure – the ride in to Montréal. For 5 days we have travelled together, shared thousands of special moments – some of triumph, some surprise, all unforgettable.

We begin our final day with the circle – an annual tradition – standing together and give one final cheer for what we have collectively accomplished.

Morning Announcements will take place at approximately 7:30 AM and Departure will be at 8:00 AM



30 km: Parc Wilson, Coteau-du-Lac, QC


53 km: Parc Bellevue on L’ile Perrot, QC


Approx 90 km: Location to be confirmed along the southern Canal-de-Aqueduc

Group Photos will take place in the morning before departure.


Crossing the border into Quebec, the long line of PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally jerseys as we ride into Montréal, and of course, our arrival celebration.


Today we all wear our Official 2018 Bike Rally jerseys and Crew T-shirts as we arrive in Montréal.


All Riders must meet at the rendezvous point by 1:30 PM. At 2:00 PM, Riders will then travel together into Montréal. For many, this is the highlight of their journey – a long line of Bike Rally jerseys stretching as far as the eye can see.



As with Departure, safety is paramount. Riders will be without support Crew along the bike path. Ride single file, leave a bike length between you and the next bike, and signal any moves. Stay to the right to leave plenty of room for local oncoming or passing cyclists.

As the Riders make their way towards their final destination, the Crew will begin to leave the route to unload their gear and prepare the arrival area.


August 3 – 3:30 PM

Location – Place Émilie Gamelin

Located in the heart of Montréal’s Gay Village, riders will be greeted by cheers from crew, friends, family and locals. This will be an arrival with cheers, tears and beers!

As we’re riding through the city streets and to our arrival area in the park, remember the rules of the road. While we may have a police escort, all Riders MUST ride in the designated bike lane in single file and obey all traffic signals and signs.

Don’t forget to pick up your shoe bag when at our arrival!

Congratulations! After six incredible days, you have finally made it.


On Friday, August 3 Riders and Crew have the option of staying at the accommodation provided by the Bike Rally at McGill, UQAM or University of Montreal or making their own arrangements. Accommodations are provided for all Crew until our return trip to Toronto on Sunday, August 5 at 8:00 AM.



If you are a rider and wish to stay an additional night on Saturday, August 4, you must reserve and pay for a room. Visit the Bike Rally website for the link. A limited number of rooms are available and booking is on a first come, first serve basis.

As the Rustlers will be celebrating and taking part in the Montréal Arrival ceremony and need to prepare for your arrival, there will be no access to the Rustler trucks during the ceremonies. Access will be from 5:00 – 6:15 PM only.

After the celebration, participants are to proceed to the bin-pick-up/bike drop- off located south of Place Émilie Gamelin where the trucks are parked. Riders stop at the trucks first to load their bikes into the trucks to be returned to Toronto. Please ensure you take all your personal belongings from your bicycle and saddle bag (helmet, wallet, ID, keys, etc.) and ensure your license plate is still attached before it is loaded onto the truck.

Once loaded on the truck, you will not be able to access your bicycle or forgotten items until you pick up your bicycle in Toronto Monday, August 6 or Tuesday, August 7.

Please note that although the Rubbermaid Rustlers will treat your bikes with care, they are not responsible for any loss or damage. If Riders are concerned about the paint on their bicycles, we recommend using newspapers, foam pipe insulation or bubble wrap to protect your bicycle frame before loading it into the trucks.

All Participants will be directed to the bin/bike exchange location to unpack their Rubbermaid bins. While the Rubbermaid Rustlers supervise the unpacking process, please help by stacking your empty bins and lids in the specified stacking locations.

After unpacking and reloading, all trucks will be locked and the contents will not be accessible again until first pickup day back in Toronto Monday, August 6.

Please note there will be free transportation from Place Émilie Gamelin to the residences.

REMINDER: Please pick up any medication that was stored in the RV before 6:00 PM from the Wellness Lead. You will NOT be able to pick up your meds after 6:00 PM. Medical supports end at our arrival in Montréal. IN CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if you require medical attention.


Celebration Party at Club Unity Montréal! 1171 Rue Sainte-Catherine E. Join us between 9:00 – 11:00 PM on the rooftop terrace to celebrate a successful journey and congratulate each other, family and friends welcome!
Return to Toronto
Returning to Toronto in the rental vehicles on Sunday or Monday is mandatory for all Crew Members.  Riders can return on their own schedule.

Saturday August 19, 2019

Details TBD


Sunday, August 20, 2019

Details TBD

For your convenience, two stops will be made:

  • Scarborough Town Centre at approximately 7:00 PM
  • Yonge and Bloor at approximately 8:00 PM


Monday August 21, 2019

Details TBD

Bike and Tent Pick-up in Toronto
Bikes will be available for pick up at Msgr. Fraser – Isabella Campus Secondary School during the following times:

Monday August 6: 2:00 – 6:00 PM

Tuesday August 7: 4:00 – 7:30 PM

Please bring photo ID to reclaim your bike. Riders MUST pick up their bikes by 7:30 PM August 7. We have to remove all bikes by the end of that day and we are unable to store them. If you cannot pick up your bike, please arrange for a friend or family member to pick it up for you. Riders who return back to Toronto on Saturday and have volunteered to assist with unloading on Sunday can pick up their bikes at that time.