Packing Morning

Saturday, July 28, 2018, 9:00 AM – NOON

Msgr. Fraser – Isabella Campus Secondary School, 146 Isabella St., Toronto

Packing Morning occurs the day before we depart and is MANDATORY for all Port Hope and Montreal Riders along with Crew. During Packing Morning, you will be able to complete any final paperwork, and receive your event packages.

Port Hope Riders will load a knapsack or small bag packed with your street clothes and everything else you’ll need in Port Hope onto a designated truck.

Montreal Riders will pack gear into Rubbermaid bins and load them onto a designated Rustler truck ready for departure the next day.

*The only Crew this year using bins will be Road Support.

Reminder: Do NOT pack your Official Bike Rally jersey or Crew T-shirt or whatever else you need for Departure Day.

Give yourself at least an hour to complete the process.

Download the packing lists here.


During registration you will:

Sign in and pick up a check-list to ensure that you complete the entire registration process. You will receive a name tag. Please wear your name tag at all times during the Bike Rally.

Hand in any outstanding pledges. In order to participate in the Bike Rally, PWA must have received the minimum fundraising required by June 30:

  • $2,500 if you’re a Montreal Rider
  • $1,750 if you’re a first year Montreal Rider and opted for this minimum before March 31st
  • $650 if you’re a Port Hope Rider

If you have any last-minute pledges you can submit them during Packing Morning.

Montreal Riders and Road Support Crew: Pick up your personalized labels for your bins.

All participants: Your medical forms were completed while registering. By the time Packing Morning arrives, you should have already sent a copy of your health card to Trevor Ouellette, Special Events Coordinator,

All Participants: Pick up your Rider jerseys or Crew T-shirt.

Port Hope Riders: Proceed outside to deposit your bag in the assigned truck

Montreal Riders: Proceed outside to pick up your Rubbermaid bins, pack and load them onto the trucks.


Loading the Trucks

Bring your packed bins or small bag to your assigned truck letter where you will meet the Rubbermaid Rustler Crew members responsible for your truck. They will help you load your bins or bag securely and be responsible for transporting, loading and unloading your gear in Port Hope and all week long. Remember which truck your bins are in – they are marked alphabetically. If you’re with us to Montréal, your bins will be on the same truck every day of the Rally.

Please note that once your belongings are loaded onto the trucks, they will become inaccessible. You will not have access to them until our arrival at the campsite in Port Hope, so do not pack items you need for Day 1 such as the Official Bike Rally jersey or Crew T-shirt, sunscreen, and medications.


Essentials Market Donation

On Packing Morning, we ask all Participants to contribute to PWA Essentials Market. This weekly program provides much needed food and was accessed over by over 1,100 individuals last year alone.

We will have collection bins on site to collect any food items you can bring in. Useful donations include: grocery store gift cards, Ensure or Boost meal replacement, canned meat, fish, vegetables, beans, pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, rice, baby food, peanut butter, powdered/canned milk and any other non-perishables. All donations are greatly appreciated.