Just sixteen weeks to go until you’re on your bike and bound for adventure! We know there’s a lot to do before we’re on our way, read on to be ready.


April is fundraising month for the Bike Rally. We know that Rally participants work on fundraising all the time, but we’re taking this month to help you shift your fundraising into high gear. There’s lots of info headed your way, but here’s four things you can do today that will make a difference.


1. Set a goal! Login to your page on Frontstream and set your goal. Aim high! Your donors will want to help you get to your finish line.


2. Personalize your page. It’s fast and easy – add a picture and a few words about why you’ve taken on this challenge, and what it means to you. What you’re doing is inspirational.


3. Now that you’ve got those things tidy, take a minute and send your link to everyone you’ve ever met, and ask for them for their help.


4. Looking for more help? The Bike Rally has a personal fundraising coach. Michael Cress is ready, willing and able to help you come up with a plan that will make your wildest fundraising dreams come true. Email Michael Cress at