Bike Rally Readiness at a Glance

The following will help you plan what you should do each month to prepare for the Bike Rally.

  • Register – make sure your pledge page is up and running, and add personal touches – remember donors don’t give to causes, they give to people with causes. Start your fundraising early! The earlier you register, the more time you have to prepare yourself and fund-raise. Registering before the end of the calendar year provides an opportunity to make an ask for support at a time when many people look to make a year end charitable donation.
  • Sign up for eNews: this emailed newsletter and the website are two important sources of information in addition to the Bike Rally Facebook page and Twitter feed.
January & February
  • Check the seminars page for the list of offerings, and the calendar to view the seminar schedule.
  • Start your indoor training – check the calendar for the winter training schedule.
  • Continue training: training consistency is key, as is cross training (e.g., cross-country skiing, running, weight lifting, yoga, etc.).
  • Continue fundraising! Let people who have donated to you know how your fundraising and training is going.
  • Continue training!
  • Avoid the spring rush at your local bike shop and take your bike in for a tune up and fitting.
  • If you need a new bike or gear, now is the time to get a good deal on last year’s models, whether at a bike shop or at the Toronto Bike Show.
  • Check the seminars page for the list of offerings, and the calendar to view the seminar schedule.
  • Continue your fundraising. If you are considering a fundraising event, start planning early!
  • Check your gear: bike shorts and jerseys in good shape, bike shoe cleats have all their screws, and helmet (mandatory) doesn’t have any cracks – even a small crack can compromise a helmets effectiveness
  • Training rides start – the key to enjoying the Bike Rally is to train as much as possible.
  • Continue cross-training and stretching for muscle balance and injury prevention.
  • Check your camping gear and start stocking up on what you need for the ride.
  • Continue fundraising.
  • Continue training and stretching for muscle balance and injury prevention.
  • Continue fundraising. Connect with everyone who has donated and let them know how your training and fundraising is going. Follow up with everyone who has not yet responded.
  • Training rides continue.
  • By mid-May you must have completed one 50km training ride.
  • Continue cross training and stretching for muscle balance and injury prevention.
  • Continue fundraising – you should be at or near your minimum – if you’ve surpassed it, congratulations! But don’t stop there – there’s never too much money. The deadline for raising $2,500 (Montréal Riders) or $650 (Port-Hope and Kingston Riders) is June 30.
  • Training rides continue.
  • If you plan to make any changes to your equipment, do it now so that your body has time to adapt – DO NOT make major changes three weeks out from the Bike Rally – that’s a bad time to realize the changes you made aren’t working.
  • Attend the BIG Meeting – this is where you’ll hear the final details and see everyone all in the same place.
  • By mid-June you must have completed one 90km training ride.
  • Continue fundraising.
  • Check the packing list and make sure you have everything that you need.
  • Practice setting up your tent if it’s new. You don’t want to be setting it up for the first time on the first night of the rally.
  • By early July you must have completed two 90km training rides on back-to-back days.
  • Mid-July: Team Ride, the last ride before we depart for Montréal. Each team rides together on a route of their choosing – something easy, perhaps followed by brunch and last minute tips and plans.
  • Packing Day – bring all your gear to the Monsignor Fraser College – you’ll have two bins in which to fit all your gear – remember whatever you bring to Montréal you’ll have to lug home with you, so pack light! This is also the day that you can hand in any last minute pledges.
  • Departure Day – hooray!! You’ve made it. This is when all that training pays off. Enjoy the day and revel in the feeling that you’re doing something truly amazing!
  • Arrival into Montréal – Celebrate your incredible accomplishment. Even the most seasoned veterans get a little misty eyed! After the arrival ceremony, you have to get your gear from the trucks and hand in your bike to be transported back to Toronto. Head over to your accommodations to get cleaned up, fed, and ready to party at the Bike Rally Arrival Party!
  • Pick up your bike (check your email for location and times) following your return from Montréal. If you are staying in Montréal and can’t pick up your bike during the designated times please make arrangements with a friend to pick it up for you.
  • Reunion party – this is the fix we need to get rid of those pesky Bike Rally blues.
  • Register for next year’s Bike Rally!
October & November
  • Write your story for your pledge page: write a few paragraphs that speak to why you’ve committed to this amazing event and cause.
  • Start fundraising! Write a list of all the people you know and send them each a personal message letting them know you’ve signed up for the Bike Rally.
  • Looking for a great deal on cycling gear – bikes, bibs, helmets, etc. – consider the annual Fall Blowout – Toronto International Bike Show
  • Continue fundraising! Many people look to make charitable contributions before the end of the calendar year, so take advantage of that and reach out for donations.