Hey past Bike Rally Riders!

Don’t wait until our 20th anniversary to register to ride to Montreal! We’re still looking for riders for this year – Sign up today!

Here are our Top Ten Reasons why you should ride again this year:

  1. Montreal is celebrating its 375th birthday. Party!
  2. You don’t want to lose your Bike Rally tan lines from last year (well, maybe you do).
  3. Get in shape for summer! Start burning those calories ASAP on our Training Rides.
  4. With the rainy spring we’ve had, you’ve watched everything on Netflix.
  5. This year’s high water levels mean everyone gets a premium waterfront campsite!
  6. Two words: Dairy Queen.
  7. A smaller Bike Rally means shorter lines for the showers (and less competition for shower mates).
  8. You’ve really missed yelling and hearing “on your left”
  9. Your plans for a summer “staycation” are starting to look really boring
  10. PWA needs your fundraising help whether it’s Bike Rally 19, 20, or 21.

As long as there’s a reason (or ten of them) there’s a ride.