Save the date for the Bike Rally Thirty 4 Thirty Spin-a-thon at Nathan Phillips Square on Monday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 25.

PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally will be honouring PWA’s 30th anniversary with a 30-hour “spin-a-thon.” It will be 30 hours for 30 years – that’s where “Thirty 4 Thirty” comes from. We’ll continually ride bikes on trainers, recruit, fundraise, and engage with the media, all with the Toronto sign and the reflecting pool right behind us. Through coordination with City Hall and the media, we’re arranging quite a bit of activity, building towards a major media event at 12 noon on Tuesday, April 25.

During the 30 hours, we’ll be telling the story of the 30 years of PWA and the nearly 20 years of the Bike Rally in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its effects on Toronto. We’ll do that through visual presentations, speakers, and special-guest spin volunteers.

We’ll also have incredible support from local bike shops, notably , who will be operating “pop-in tune-up” tents for commuter cyclists to get a quick tune-up or ask any bike maintenance, equipment, or sales questions.

This is an incredible opportunity to share the story of the Bike Rally and PWA broadly, and we’re very, very excited. Together, we can create an amazing event, attract more Participants, and raise more money.


To help you decide when to volunteer and stop by, the general run-of-show is below:

Monday, April 24

6:00 a.m.: Spinning begins!

7:00 – 9:00 a.m.: Morning commute foot traffic and possible media coverage

12-noon: Lunchtime foot traffic and possible media coverage

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.: Evening commute foot traffic and possible media coverage

6:00 p.m.: This hour represents the first year of the Bike Rally and we have something special planned.

Monday 11:00 p.m to Tuesday 6 a.m.: Overnight spinning shifts

Tuesday, April 24

7-9 a.m.: Morning commute foot traffic and possible media coverage

12-noon: Major media event


You can help – in fact, we need your help. We need volunteers during the 30 hours to lend a bike (perhaps your commuter or “around-town” bike), or to jump on a stationary bike for one, two, or more hours.

Visit our convenient online booking here.

  • Click on the “From” date and select April 24 or 25
  • Select an available bike
  • Click on “Search”
  • Select the time
  • Enter your information and include “Thirty 4 Thirty” in the description field
  • Click “Submit”

We will receive your booking confirmation and all you need to do is show up 15 minutes before your selected time.

If you need to cancel, email and we’ll make sure to free up your bike.


Is this a fundraiser?

This event has three primary aims – to raise awareness through media coverage, recruit new Participants, and encourage fundraising through

How do I sign up and choose a time to spin?

Visit our online booking system (see WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! above) and follow the steps listed. You can choose an hour, two hours, or more, or take multiple times. We’ll look to fill specific times after we see the general availability.

Do I have to commit for a full hour?

We’d like to have full hours scheduled to make logistics easier, but there are enough bikes for people to hop on and off outside specific shifts if that suits your schedule better.

Do I have to wear something specific, like a Bike Rally jersey?

We’d love to see you in a Bike Rally jersey, but it’s not required.

Can I stop by if I haven’t volunteered to cycle or registered for this year’s Bike Rally?

Yes! Please stop by and cheer on the volunteers, say hi to other Participants, and create a crowd to draw other passers-by. If you haven’t registered for this year’s Bike Rally, we’ll have a team on site to get you registered for the 6-Day Ride or the 1-Day Ride.

I want to help, but I can’t spin during this time.

Even if you can’t spin, you can still help. Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Stop by the event and bring your friends.
  • Tell people about the event through your social media with the hashtag #Thirty4Thirty.
  • Volunteer at the recruiting table and use your passion for the Bike Rally to help register others. Contact to signup
  • Help with event set-up (5:00 – 6:00 a.m. Monday) or tear-down (1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday).
  • Lend a commuter bike or older bike (not your freshly tuned road bike).
  • Bring people to the media event at 12-noon on Tuesday.

Can I put the money I raise towards my fundraising?

All funds will be directed to the Bike Rally general donation page, not specific individual pages.

How are we handling the overnight shifts?

We are looking for volunteers to cover the nighttime shifts, and there will be enough Bike Rally and PWA support that you will never be alone!

Will I need to bring my own bike?

No, bikes and trainers will be set up and ready for you, however you are welcome to bring your own Bike for the event. If you’re biking to the event, we can watch your bike while you spin.

Is there somewhere safe to place my belongings? Will there be access to bathrooms throughout the event?

Yes, we will have security on-site and a location for your belongings.  Public facilities are open on the Square from early morning to late evening, and we will have access to washrooms during the overnight period.

Will there be food or drink provided?

Yes, water and snacks will be available.

Is this event approved by City Hall?

Yes, we have worked the City of Toronto to arrange this event. Many thanks to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and her office team for their support and help.

Will I be on camera, or interviewed?

Depending on when you stop by, you may be on camera as this is a media event in a public space. We are preparing a small number of spokespeople for interviews.

Are we giving anything away?

We are coordinating small giveaways for passers-by to attract attention and bring people to the event.