Introductory Fundraising Minimum


What is the Introductory Fundraising Minimum?

If you’re a first time Rider and you’re signed up for the 3-Day or 6-Day Ride, you’re eligible for the Introductory Fundraising Minimum of $1750.


Who is considered a “First-Time Rider”?

A first-time rider is anyone who hasn’t participated in the 6-day, or the 1-day ride in the past.  If you were crew, you would be considered a first-time rider if this the first time you’re getting on your bike to go to Montreal.


May I raise more than my minimum?

Absolutely – that’s why we call it a minimum! The majority of Riders DO raise more than their minimum and in fact, the average amount raised per rider in 2018 was well over the minimum.  The next time you ride (trust us, you’ll be back) your minimum will be the regular one, so don’t hold back building up our fundraising know-how this year.  Keep up the momentum once you’re on a roll.


Is Fundraising that hard?

This is just encouragement, we wouldn’t want you to not sign up because you were worried about fundraising before you even get started. Once you sign up we’re here to support you and and have lots of help – fundraising coaches, pre-written letters, ideas, workshops… we know you’ll raise as much as you can!

1-Day Ride

When is the 1-Day Ride? Day 1 of our traditional six-day ride Sunday, July 30, 2017

How can I participate in the 1-Day Ride?

Register at bikerally.com or contact the Special Events Coordinator at (416) 506-1400 ext. 238 or bikerally@pwatoronto.org

Upon registration:

  • Every Rider will make a commitment to fundraise a minimum of $650 by departure day.
  • Riders are encouraged to participate in scheduled training rides with supervision from our team of skilled training coaches.
  • Workshops on fundraising, bike mechanics, nutrition, and other topics are available to help Riders achieve their goals.

What can I expect to happen on the 1-Day Ride?

1-Day Riders will experience the full Day 1 journey, 108 km, from Toronto to Port Hope including all of the support and services available to the 6-Day Riders. All Participants (1-Day, 6-Day Riders and Crew) will depart from downtown Toronto and ride together to Day 1 camp at Haskills Farm in Port Hope. Upon arrival at camp, all Participants will celebrate their achievement and enjoy an organized dinner and social activity. 1-Day Riders will be transported back to downtown Toronto on the same evening.

Does the registration fee count towards my fundraising goal?

No. The registration fee helps to offset operational and organizational costs of the ride including the Rider’s jersey and transportation. In accordance with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, the registration fee does not qualify for charitable tax receipts.

Will training be provided?

Training will be provided during the winter months and outdoor training rides start in April until the day of departure.

What equipment do I need for the one-day ride?

A thorough list will be provided as the event comes closer, and will include the following:

  • A bike – in good working order
  • A helmet – required
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Toiletries (sunscreen, lotion, etc.)
  • Cycling repair tool kit including spare tubes
  • Personal nutrition including medication if applicable

While Riders must have a bike repair tool kit, sunscreen, and any personal nutrition on their person during the ride, the remainder of their belongings will be transported to Port Hope for them.

Why does every Participant get assigned to a team?

Being part of a team will enhance every Participants’ Bike Rally experience by providing them with a sense of community, peer support with fundraising and training, and the opportunity to meet fellow cyclists. Team Leaders will provide connection to PWA and will act as a primary resource for Participants as they prepare for the ride.

Is everyone required to ride together?

Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace while following proper etiquette and traffic laws. The Bike Rally prioritizes the safety of all participants during the event. However, Riders are required to arrive to camp by 5 pm.

Will there be rest stops along the way?

Yes. There will be three organized rest stops (break 1, lunch, break 2) where Riders will have a chance to hydrate and fuel up.

What if I experience any bike problems along the way (flat tire or mechanical issues)?

It is strongly recommended for Riders to get their bikes tuned up prior to the departure day. It is also essential to pack spare tubes and a bicycle repair kit for the ride. In case of emergency, road support will be present along the route to aid any Riders needing assistance. There will be an emergency number provided for Participants to call.