Guest Post:

Gaelan Love
Senior Integrated Marketing & Communications Manager, Microsoft Canada
Bike Rally Rider, 2013 & 2018

Simplify your fundraising with an easy link!

So you have someone interested in supporting your ride! Congratulations! But do you have your rider URL ready? You know… the big ugly one… like this:

SIMPLIFY! Use a custom link shortener! The below sites will allow you to create a shortened link that you can make your own that will drive right to your fundraising page! Some of these will also give you some analytics as to when people have clicked and from where 😊

Fundraising URL analytics

Now with I can easily share and post my fundraising page while getting some insights as to what is working! But where to use it?

  1. On my social media profile pages (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  2. In the comments of every picture and post I share until the Ride (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  3. In my email signature for work and at home
  4. In text messages
  5. Print out some flyers or some business cards to hand out while fundraising

The opportunities are endless when you have a branded URL that is easy to say and share! Happy fundraising!

Bike Rally URL image