The Bike Rally has room to grow this year and we need your help to make it happen.

RIDE WITH ME is a recruitment campaign designed to encourage and motivate current Riders and Crew to recruit Riders for the 19th Friends For Life Bike Rally happening this summer.

We know that the reason you ride is because you believe in the cause and you want to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. While these reasons are more than enough, we also know that sometimes, an incentive can motivate us to go a little bit further beyond our goals and challenge us to do more.

Riders are the fundraising engine of this event. Through their efforts, they raise over 90% of the total funds raised each year. More Riders results in:

  • More money raised for PWA,
  • Greater awareness about HIV/AIDS,
  • A more cost effective event, and
  • More fun on the Bike Rally!

We Need 50 Riders by April 30

Our current registration is lower than it was this time last year and 1st year ridership is down. The 20th year is going to be one of the best and we want to set the stage to sustain the Ride for next year and beyond.

Recruitment Incentives

6-Day Ride Recruitment

VIA Rail logo


 For every 6-Day Rider you recruit, receive a $100 VIA Rail gift card.


1-Day Ride Recruitment

Miller Tavern logo              Jack Astor's logo             Hair of the Dog logo

For every 1-Day Rider you recruit, you will receive a $50 gift card to Miller Tavern, Hair of the Dog, or Jack Astor’s.


How Will We Know It Was You?

Additional Information imageWhen your recruit registers, they will be asked to enter your name on the Additional Information page as part of their registration process.

When your recruit reaches their fundraising minimum ($2500 for 6-Day; $650 for 1-Day) we will issue you the corresponding incentive.

Get out there and ask Family, Friends, Coworkers, and Neighbours to RIDE WITH ME!

As long as there’s a reason, there’s a ride.



Q. Can past Riders and Crew receive an incentive if they recruit a Rider?


A. To receive an incentive you must be registered for the 2017 Bike Rally as a Rider (on the 1-Day or 6-Day Rides) or on Crew.

Q. Can a past Rider or Crew recruit themselves?

A. The goal is to motivate participants to recruit others through their networks. To qualify for an incentive you must recruit someone other than yourself.

Q. Does the recruit have to be new to the Bike Rally?

A. The recruit can be a past Rider or a new Rider.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of people I can recruit or the number of incentives I can receive?

A. There are no limits! Recruit Recruit Recruit!

Q. How does my recruit identify me as the person who recruited them?

A. In step 4 of the registration process your recruit will be asked to answer a series of questions. The last question on that page is to provide the first and last name of the person who recruited them.


Q. How much does the person I recruit have to raise?

A. The Rider must raise at least the minimum required for the event they have registered for.
6-Day Ride: $2,500
1-Day Ride: $650

Q. Can the person I recruit be on my team?

A. Yes! The Team Lead Co-Leads will do everything they can to put your recuit on your team.

Q. When do I get my incentive reward?

A. To qualify for the incentive, your recuit must meet the fundraising minimum by June 30.

Q. Do I qualify for an incentive if I recruit a Crew member?

A. Riders are the fundraising engine of the Bike Rally because they are required to raise money to participate, it is an option for Crew. Our goal is to add more Riders to increase the amount of money rasied so unfortunately, no, if you recruit a Crew member you do not qualify for an incentive…but we will say Thank You and you’ll probably get a lot of hugs.

Q. I recruited someone before this campaign started. Can I still get an incentive?

A. Thank you for recruiting! You are a great ambassador for the Bike Rally. We are introducing this campaign because we need more people to ride. Past recruits unfortunately don’t qualify so please, recruit some more!

Q. Can the incentive be split between the recuiter and the person they recruited?

A. The incentive will be given to the recruiter. We always encourge sharing so go for it if you want to!