As one way of growing the Bike Rally family and addressing a major perceived barrier to registering, the Bike Rally will be offering an INTRODUCTORY FUNDRAISING MINIMUM of $1750 for first-time-ever riders who register between February 10 and March 31 for the 6-Day Ride to Montreal.

A large and vital part of the Bike Rally’s success over 19th years has been people’s willingness to sign up and ride for the first time.  Every year we actively recruit and welcome first-time riders, knowing that they are the Bike Rally’s future.  We’ve always believed that once a person has experienced the wonder of the Bike Rally, they’ll want to come back again and again.  Bike Rally participants sharing stories of “Bike Rally Magic” has always been our greatest recruiting tool!

As we begin celebrating our 20th Anniversary, we’re doing all kinds of work to ensure the Bike Rally succeeds through the next 20 years.  One of the things we looked at is how we continue to attract new people to our beautiful event, and we discovered that there are some perceived barriers to signing up.  In other words, we learned that there are a few elements of the Bike Rally that some people might find daunting enough that they don’t register, despite really wanting to.

One of those perceived barriers is the 6-Day Ride’s $2500 fundraising minimum.  All of our data shows us that the vast majority of first-time riders not only reach that fundraising minimum, but they surpass it, sometimes by significant amounts.  This fact, however, does not negate the reality that some people never register to ride because they think $2500 is unachievable for them.

The Bike Rally’s leadership set itself a number of goals this year, one of which is to “Grow the Bike Rally Family”.  Coming up with ways to address perceived barriers to registration will go a long way to achieving that goal.  So, as one way of growing the family and addressing a major perceived barrier, the Bike Rally will be offering an INTRODUCTORY FUNDRAISING MINIMUM of $1750 for first-time-ever riders who register between February 10 and March 31 for the 6-Day Ride to Montreal.

We hope every first-time Rider will maintain their fundraising minimum at $2500, and even raise it as they succeed in their efforts.  In fact, we’ll be employing every tool we can think of to help all participants succeed in their fundraising, including our new Fundraising Coach Programme.  We want to do all we can to make sure that as many people as possible join our family and share this magnificent experience.  We believe the Introductory Fundraising Minimum will help us do that.

If you’re curious about how all of this will work, there’s more information on the FAQ page, or you can reach out to us directly using  And if you’re thinking about joining the Bike Rally Family for the first time, know that you’re going to be supported at every step of the way, in your training, your fundraising, and every other part of the journey.  After all, supporting each other is why we’re here and how we made it to 20!

Ted Robinson and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
2018 Friends for Life Bike Rally Co-Chairs