Coordinating an event the size and scale of the Bike Rally is complex and often times at the mercy of factors out of our control (weather, construction, competing events…did we say weather?!). It sometimes takes months to secure permits and confirmations with municipalities and local businesses that support us on this 6-day 600 km journey. Fortunately, with 18 years under our belt, we have the experience to prepare for and navigate the eb and flow of these factors.

At the Big Meeting and in the official Handbook we acknowledged that the last leg of the Rally on Day 6 was going to be affected by construction and availability of space in Montreal for the bin/bike exchange and crew vehicle parking. We’ve worked out the details. Please read the information below and if you have any questions, contact Trevor Ouellette, Special Events Coordinator at or (416) 506-1400 ext. 238.


DAY 6: Post-Lunch Rendezvous Location – Rafting Montreal Parkette

Due to construction along the Lachine Canal, we were required to find a new rendezvous location to gather at before collectively departing on our last journey in to Montreal for arrival. This change has added several kilometres to the Ride including traffic lights which will extend the timing from previous years. All Riders must be at Rafting Montreal parkette by 2pm if we are to make our 3:30pm arrival deadline at Place Emilie Gameline in Montreal.


Crew Parking & Bin Exchange

Unfortunately, due to the Montreal Indy event, the CBC parking lot was not available for crew parking and bin exchange.

We have secured parking at and around Concordia University’s Grey Nuns residence for crew vehicles not required at Place Emilie Gamelin. Specific Crew vehicles will be required to go to the Grey Nuns first before gathering at Place Emilie Gamelin to cheer in the Riders. Your crew co-leads have all the information and will explain the schedule and details with you.

We have secured the unused bus depot on the property north and adjacent to Place Emilie Gamelin for the bin/bike exchange. It is an easy 150 metre walk. Rubbermaid Rustler vehicles will be there with your bins. As Rustlers will be participating in the arrival celebration, access to bins will be from 5:00 – 6:15pm. Once all the bikes have been securely stored in the trucks, the Rustlers will park them at Concordia University’s Grey Nuns residence parking until Sunday morning. Note: you will not have access to your bike once it has been loaded in to the truck until pick up in Toronto.

We have arranged for free shuttle bus transportation from the bus depot to Concordia University’s Grey Nuns residence. The last shuttle bus will depart the bus depot at 6:15 pm.