While every day is a great day to fundraise, F4LBR has identified April as THE month to really kick your fundraising in to gear (pun intended!)

For 20 years the Friends For Life Bike Rally has been the sustaining fundraiser for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. To-date, more than $16-million dollars has been raised – critical funds that ensure thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS have access to care and support.

But it’s so much more than that. It’s the collective power of people – people just like you – who share a passion, enthusiasm, and desire to do extraordinary things to help others. It’s the power of engagement – the coming together of thousands of individuals, businesses, and others to make positive change. It’s that feeling, you know the one – that energy and excitement; the fire you feel inside when you’re a part of something that’s bigger and better than you ever thought imaginable. This Bike Rally is all of this, and so much more.

Every year you, yes YOU! engage over 13,000 friends, family, and strangers and ask them to support you in your Bike Rally fundraising. Without you, none of this would be possible.

“On bike pick up day I walked my bike down Church St. to meet up with some friends for coffee and talk about my ride. We sat outside and since my bike has no lock we parked it along side the bench where we sat. My bike still had the license plate affixed. A young man looked at my bike and came to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said excuse me can I ask you did you do the ride this year? And I said yes I did and he replied I just want to say thank you for doing the ride. I always feel odd when someone says that because I don’t think thanks are needed so I said I love doing the ride. Then he said I am a PWA client and because of you I have been able to continue on with 3 programs that the PWA provides me and I am doing so well. I hope to help next year with crewing and then he hugged me. Such sweetness. I have to tell you that fighting the tears I said to myself this is why I do the ride. YES. Good on me.”   2016 Rider

Celebrating Success

Top Fundraiser

Congratulations and Kudos to the 64% of Riders and Crew who have already started fundraising. $261,000 has been raised so far and we can see the momentum building as we work toward our $1.3 million dollar fundraising goal this year.

There are currently 118 Riders and Crew who are at 25% of their fundraising goals – this is amazing! Keep it up!

TOP FUNDRAISERS exceed the fundraising minimum by setting and achieving a fundraising goal of $6,000 for more (Rider) and $1,000 or more (Crew). Top Fundraisers receive special recognition during the week of the Ride, a special jersey or t-shirt to wear proudly, and the knowledge that their tremendous fundraising efforts keep the cost of fundraising low and the impact on the cause high! As of April 18, there are already 4 Top Fundraiser Riders and 2 Top Fundraiser Crew. Congratulations!


More Incentives

Cycle Solutions Bike Incentive winner

In December we initiated our first incentive prizes – the 20th Anniversary edition Buff and Hoodie. Fifty-five participants qualified resulting in a 64% boost in early fundraising compared to December 2017.

Our friends at Cycle Solutions donated a Specialized bike to use as an incentive and on Tuesday, April 10 the name of the winner of this “shockingly fast, seriously fun” bike was drawn. Congratulations to Keith Showers – first year 6-Day Rider!




NEW Incentive!

You’re going to want this kind of pampering once you arrive in Montreal!

WIN a two-night stay at the Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel upon arrival! End the rally in style and comfort – valued at over $600. Receive one entry in draw for every $250 raised between Apr 19 and May 3.

Fundraising Resources

fundraising and file

Need some assistance getting your fundraising plan together? Looking for some tips or resources to execute an event or use your personal fundraising page more effectively? Check out the links below:

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