The Bike Rally is taking a big step in the green direction.
This year we’re asking all participants to bring their own reusable cutlery on the Bike Rally, including a fork, a spoon, and a knife – we’ll be providing the compostable plates!
By making this request we are saving over 7000 pieces of plastic cutlery from being used then discarded. We’ll also be providing compostable plates, doubling our green efforts and totally shrinking our carbon footprint!
Your cutlery will be used at each breakfast and dinner provided by our Food Crew. This does not include lunches because they typically consist of foods eaten by hand, and we also do not want our participants riding or traveling around with their cutlery in their pockets or saddlebags.
After you finish your meals, you’ll lick your cutlery clean, wash the cutlery in our detergent/disinfectant solution basins, then rinse the cutlery in the designated water basins.
These green efforts are totally intuitive, especially considering how our Bike Rally family keeps growing and growing every year!
Thank you for your cooperation and support, friends!