Submitting Funds Collected

What Should You Do With Monies Collected?

In many cases, participants who collect cash and cheque donations or do fundraising events will have money in coins and bills that need to be deposited at PWA. To protect yourself and PWA, it’s important that wherever you are collecting cash there are two individuals collecting and counting cash who then sign off on the amount collected.

Please remember that tax receipts can only be issued to the persons who donate the money. If you or your donor have any questions about the eligibility of a donation for a tax receipt, please do not hesitate to contact someone from the fundraising department at PWA at 416-506-1400. Be sure to review the Financial Requirements of personal fundraising events. As well, lots of useful fundraising tips, strategies, ideas and success stories can be learned through our Fundraising Co-Leads.

If you don’t know who donated the money or someone does not want a tax receipt you can have this money attributed to your fundraising page in one of two ways:

  • Drop monies off at PWA: You can fill out a pledge card with only your name and the name of your event at the top. You do not need to fill in the address or email since a tax receipt will not be issued. Drop this money and the pledge card off at PWA.
  • If your event is a group event and benefiting more than one Bike Rally participant please submit to PWA a breakdown of how the revenue is be allocated to each participant so we can properly update each participant’s fundraising records.
  • Pay for cash or cheques collected at your event with your own credit card: You can submit donations that don’t need a tax receipt on your own credit card. A tax receipt will not be issued.

Remember, it is illegal to claim a tax receipt for yourself for anonymous donations or money collected at an event.

Sign into your online pledge page. Click on the MY FUNDRAISING tab. On the left hand side you will see a link called: “Manage Cash or Cheque”. Click on the option that applies (“Donation from a friend or family member (may be receipted) or Donation from an event or cash lump sum (will not be receipted)”. Fill in the information in the fields and submit. Drop off your money to PWA. Once it has been reconciled it will appear on your personal fundraising page.



From here you can use your credit card to pay for the cash and cheque collected. Select which donation or event you would like to pay for and enter your credit card information. This will automatically be updated onto your pledge page.

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For help or more information please call the PWA Special Events Coordinator at: 416-506-1400.