Event Planning

Personal Community Fundraising Event Planning and Policies

We are thrilled that you have chosen to have a community event in support of your Bike Rally fundraising and we’re here to support you in planning.

You have made a tremendous commitment and through your fundraising success you will have an incredible impact on the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Your fundraising goal and activity is a reflection of your passion and motivation to make a difference. Have fun in the process and remember, when you set your goals high, you inspire others to help you achieve them.

We are happy to promote your event in the calendar section of the Bike Rally website! As well, PWA may be able to provide you with banners, posters and other PWA material. Please contact the special events coordinator at PWA to arrange for materials.

With the potential of more than 300 people fundraising at one time, it’s important to ensure that we have some helpful guidelines. Outlined below are the policies all Bike Rally participants must follow when planning an event. It is important that you understand both the extent and the limitations of our support.

General Considerations

Event Planning

Before you begin detailed planning efforts we suggest that you:

Event Type

PWA seeks to ensure all projects are ethical and compatible with our mission and values. The public perception of the activity must not be injurious to PWA or Bike Rally.

Event Attendance

Decisions around PWA staff, Bike Rally steering committee members and/or volunteers attending an event will be determined at the discretion of the Bike Rally and PWA and will be based on factors such as availability, size and nature of event, etc.

Event Cancellation

If the event is cancelled, the event organizer agrees to give PWA and the Bike Rally at least one day’s notice prior to the event.

Prize Solicitation

PWA and Bike Rally have developed generous and long-term sponsorship relationships with many corporations (Scotiabank, OUT Adventures, Rubbermaid, Sheraton, NOW, to name a few). Please check with Michael Reid, Manager of Philanthropymreid@pwatoronto.org or 416-506-1400, ext. 239 prior to approaching any Bike Rally related companies directly.

On request, PWA can provide you with a prize solicitation letter.

When approaching prize sponsors always identify yourself as an independent fundraiser and PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally participant (Rider/Crew)

Legal Requirements


Please note the person responsible for the event must be 19 years of age or older.


The Bike Rally and PWA assume no legal or financial liability associated with the event. The event organizer will obtain all necessary permits, licences and insurance. For certain types of events, we may require organizers acquire their own insurance and provide proof if requested. We may also require all participants to sign a liability waiver (provided by PWA).


The Bike Rally and PWA are not responsible for any damages, accidents to persons or property.

Events with Alcohol

To ensure the Bike Rally, PWA and the event organizers are protected, event organizers may be asked to provide copies of liquor licence numbers for venues and/or special event permits, i.e., Special Occasion Permit (SOP) to PWA. For events at a private home, the homeowner is responsible for any alcohol related liability. PWA will not provide liquor licences for any event.


Gaming and lotteries including bingos, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles or games of chance often have special considerations that require permits. Please visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website for more information.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) does not issue licences to individuals. Due to the number of fundraisers involved in the Bike Rally, PWA will not apply for a raffle licence on behalf of an event. You can run a draw without acquiring a licence, but you must offer the tickets for free, asking instead for an optional donation.

Financial Requirements


Event expenses must be paid by the Event Organizer and cannot be deducted from donations to PWA. Under no circumstances is the Bike Rally or PWA able to offer funding or reimbursement for event expenses. Proper records of event expenses and revenue should be kept and available for review on request by PWA or CRA.

Fund Submission

The Bike Rally and PWA recognize that revenue from an event can be allocated to a participant’s Bike Rally fundraising total. To be included in your Bike Rally Fundraising, all funds must be received at PWA by June 30.

If your event is a group event and benefiting more than one Bike Rally participant please submit to PWA a breakdown of how the revenue is be allocated to each participant so we can properly update each participant’s fundraising records.

If your event does not require tax receipts, funds can be added to your fundraising total through the Personal Fundraising Events section of your On-line Pledge Page. To access this feature, please log into your On-line Pledge Page and click Manage Cash or Cheque under the My Fundraising menu on the left-hand side.

On-line Pledge Page

A participant’s online Pledge Page is to be used for the solicitation of donations only.

Participants cannot use their online Pledge Page to promote or sell tickets to their events or draws.

Use of Funds

Use of the funds received by PWA from the event will be determined solely by PWA, in accordance with its mission.

Tax Receipts

In accordance with our policy, PWA controls the issuing of tax receipts. PWA must have the opportunity to review and approve any event-related tax receipt requirement in advance of the event, to ensure conformity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations. Where a donation is eligible for a tax receipt, the cheque must be made payable directly to Toronto People With AIDS Foundation from the donating corporation or individual.

  • PWA does not issue tax receipts for in-kind donations, auction items or event sponsorships.
  • Tickets sold for an event where the purchaser receives a benefit (e.g., attending a spinning class, concert, dinner or sporting event) are not eligible for tax receipts.
  • Tax receipts cannot be issued for the costs of a donated service. This includes but is not limited to special services that necessitate hiring someone/thing for an event (e.g., tent set-up, website creation, caterer, DJ or entertainment). We can, however, issue a letter to acknowledge the donation.
  • Sponsorships are not tax deductible if the sponsor receives any advertising, marketing or promotional value and therefore will not receive a tax receipt. Instead, sponsors can receive a letter of acknowledgement for the value of their sponsorship, which can be used against business expenses.
  • Gifts of artwork, wine, collectibles, or items of a unique nature must be accompanied by a recent independent appraisal, regardless of value. Gifts of art donated by artists and art dealers are seen as disposition from their inventory.

Financial Controls

PWA requires that the company/individual/group organizing the event or program is using satisfactory financial controls. The event budget, financial records and bank information for the event must be available to PWA, if requested. The event should be financially viable in the opinion of PWA.

Termination Clause

PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally and PWA reserve the right to terminate a relationship with an event at any time. Termination will be communicated in writing.

Ten Tips To A Successful Event

Personal Fundraising Events are a wonderful way to raise funds to help meet your fundraising goal. We want to make sure you are prepared and have fun organizing your event!

  1. Tell us about your event:
    Once you know what type of event you would like to organize, it is important to contact PWA and the Bike Rally and let us know about your event. Depending on the size and nature of your event, you may be asked to fill out a Personal Fundraising Event Planning Form (PDF).
  2. Form a planning committee:
    The probability of success of any special event is increased by the enthusiasm and dedication of the people who plan and organize it. Your planning committee should have enough members to share the work and represents a variety of skills.
  3. Establish goals:
    Have a realistic and measurable financial goal.
  4. Brainstorm ideas:
    Give free reign to your imagination. Several heads are better than one! The wackiest idea may be the best fundraiser. Then again, it may not. But it’s worth thinking about.
  5. Be sure you’ve chosen the ‘right’ event:
    The type of event you choose should fit the size, interest, talents, goals, and time availability of your group. You want this event to be fun to plan and organize, as well as to attend.
  6. Schedule the event:
    Schedule your event for a time that is appropriate and convenient for those who will be attending. Remember that two fundraising events that cater to the same audience, on the same day, will divide the support for each event so it’s important to review the Bike Rally calendar and community events.
  7. Budget:
    Identify possible sources of income and all expenses. If you keep costs down, you’ll generate a bigger donation – something everyone will feel good about. The budget section of the event planning form is a useful tool to clearly outline your business plan.
  8. Promotion and publicity:
    PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally and PWA logos are registered trademarks. All uses of the logos must be approved by PWA and the Bike Rally. Publicity and promotion are key to a successful event, so get out there and promote, promote, promote! Just remember to have all your materials, web and graphics approved before they are printed, posted or distributed.
  9. Collect the funds:
    We ask that all funds be forwarded to Toronto People With AIDS Foundation within 30 days after your event. Please allow four weeks from that date for tax receipts to be issued to donors (see information regarding tax receipts under Financial Requirements above  – some proceeds from your event are not receiptable).
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you:
    Here’s the most important part: please acknowledge everyone who participated in, or supported, your event and let them know how much you appreciate their help. They would also be proud to hear how successful the event was and how much money was raised!