A big shout-out to everyone working hard to reach their fundraising goals. Keep up the great work!

If you haven’t quite gotten started, it’s time to get a wiggle on. Let all your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and service providers know about your commitment and why it matters to you. They’ll be eager to hear how the training is going. They’ll be happy to support you. Just ask!

Remember, it takes a village. We may be a smaller group this year, but we are mighty. PWA’s clients are counting on us.

In 2015/2016, PWA supplied over 238,300 services to nearly 7,200 individuals including 33,513 significant and unique practical services to 2,560 PHAs! The funds both Riders and Crew raise are critical for PWA to deliver those much needed services!

A reminder to all Riders: the fundraising minimum ($2,500 for 6-day Riders or $650 for 1-day Riders) must be met by June 30!

If you have any questions or could use some support with your fundraising, contact your Team Leaders, the Fundraising Co-Leads and the PWA Bike Rally staff.


Fundraising Kudos

More recently registered First-year Riders who rapidly exceeded $500 raised, have received an official Bike Rally 2016 jersey. Congratulations to Justin Campol, Ari Caylakyan, Michelle Daniels, Joseph Molaski, Anka Miron and Michael Murray, Andrew Quinlan, and Rex Shettlewood!


April Top Fundraisers

During April, 15 Top Participants ($1,000+) raised $28,320.31, 66% of all funds raised. Congratulations Jordan Simard, Dempsey Cruz, Jeff Bale, Philip Cable, Ryan Doornbos, Eli Elsasser, Adam Graham, Dianne Hind, Anthony Lebaron, Barrett Morrison, Vanessa Pinto, Andrew Quinlan, Harvey St Amant, Rob Veinott, and Robb Walker.


May Fundraising

Congratulations also go to 16 top Riders who have raised $37,441, 60% of all funds raised, during May so far. Well done Donald Ainslie, Ken Allen, Skot Beaumont, Jack Coop, Evan Fraser, Heather Goodman, Matt Lamb, Bruce Nasmith, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Andrew Quinlan, Pato Rodriguez, Terry Sydenham, Rob Veinott, Wolfgang Webb, Steve Yeates, and Darrel Zehr.