The weekend we arrive in Montreal is a busy one! Montreal is a cultural hub with dozens of big and small festivals and attractions taking place during the summer – many happening the weekend we arrive. The biggest festival the weekend of August 3, 4, 5 is Osheaga, Music and Arts Festival. This event brings thousands of people to the city – all competing for the limited accommodations available.

Included in your registration is two nights’ accommodation for Crew, and one night for Riders, with the option for Riders to book a second night (at their own expense) if they wish.

Last fall we received notice that our accommodations at Concordia University would not be available for 2018. With the Bike Rally’s 20th anniversary upon us, and the anticipation of higher participation and greater demand for accommodations, we immediately set out to secure enough space to meet our needs.

We are pleased to announce we have secured contracts with four amazing accommodation options located in and around the city. Below is a map and chart of the options. Review each carefully before making your reservation. NOTE: The deadline for reservations is June 1. You have until June 21 to cancel your reservation. After June 21, you cannot cancel your reservation.

Every year we strive to ensure that the maximum amount of money we work so hard to raise goes to the cause. PWA enters into contracts to secure rooms for participants. We negotiate preferred rates when possible and we are obligated to pay upfront. In previous years, a high number room reservations went unused. Unused rooms result in unnecessary costs and expense.

Last year we introduced a new accommodation booking process. Participants now book their own room and pay for it. If the participant uses their reservation, PWA will issue a reimbursement cheque (2 nights for Crew, 1 night for Rider). This new system resulted in improved participant reservation adherence, and significantly reduced wasted accommodation expense.

How To Reserve:

  1. Review the accommodation options below. The map is interactive – click on the numbered location marker on the maplocation marker 1 location marker 2location marker 3location marker 4 to find out more.
  2. Review the accommodation options on the chart below the map. Each location has it’s own pricing.
  3. Choose the accommodation option that’s right for you
  4. Contact the location of your choice by calling or emailing using the information in the chart below

A reimbursement cheque is mailed to you by August 30. We will not reimburse for those that don’t use their reservation booking.

If you have any questions about how to reserve your room in Montreal, please contact Trevor, Michael, or Mike at PWA (416) 506-1400.

Montreal Accommodation Options

Below are the 4 Accommodation locations that PWA has secured for Bike Rally participants. Each location is identified on the map above. Click on the links in red to go to their website or email the contact.

ResidenceAddressRoom TypeRoom DescriptionPWA Preferred Price/room/ night (+tax)Reimbursement Amount (+tax)Payment Types AcceptedCheck Out TimeBooking DeadlineReservation ProcessBooking Reference
Royal Victoria College
3425 University St.
Montreal, QC
H3A 2A8
Single OccupancyTraditional style student residence.
Private single room with 1 twin bed.
Shared bathroom, and kitchen access
$45+tax$45+taxVISA, MC, AMEX11:00 AMJune 1, 2018Phone or email only:
(514) 398-5200, or
PWA Bike Rally
La Citadelle
410 Sherbrooke St. W
Montreal, QC
H3A 1B3
Single or Double OccupancySingle room model
Hotel style private single room with 1 queen size bed and private washroom.
2 people per room max.
$189+tax$45+tax per person (max $90+tax per double occupancy)VISA, MC, AMEX11:00 AMJune 1, 2018Phone or email only:
(514) 398-5200, or
PWA Bike Rally
University of Montreal:
Zum Hotel
2450 Edouard Montpetit Blvd
Montreal, QC
H3T 1J4
Single or Double OccupancyAll room models
Hotel style private room, bed size varies per room model.
Shared and private bathroom depending on room model.
$40+tax for all room models$40+taxVISA, MC, AMEX11:00 AMJune 1, 2018Phone or email only:
(514) 343-8006, or
PWA Bike Rally
Quartier des Spectacles
2100 St-Urbain
Montreal, QC
H2X 4E1
Shared 3 and 4 bedroom apartment styleSingle rooms in 3 or 4 room apartments
1 double bed per room, shared bathroom, kitchen and living room.
$71+tax per room$45+tax for single occupancy or $71+tax for double occupancyVISA, MC 11:00 AMJune 1, 2018Phone or email only:
(514) 987-7747, or
Friends for Life Bike Rally