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In Toronto, thousands of people are living with the virus that causes AIDS and approximately one-quarter of Canada’s HIV positive population live and access care here.

Find out more about HIV statistics in Canada at www.catie.ca


The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA) is the largest direct support service agency of its kind for men, transmen, women, transwomen and children living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. Every year PWA provide over 30,000 unique services to more than 2,500 individuals.

Visit www.pwatoronto.org to find out more.

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The challenges facing people living with HIV are numerous and complex: episodes of illness, numerous life transitions, discrimination, financial difficulties, social isolation, side effects from medications and long term effects from the virus – to name but a few. PWA provides a safe place to express those concerns and a place where practical information and support services are available.

Read PWA’s Blog to better understand what PWA offers and the impact of their services.

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  • 5 million people are living with HIV; 2.5 million of them are children.
  • AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since 1981.
  • Almost half of all the adults living with HIV are women.
  • Someone dies of an AIDS related illness every 15 seconds.
  • Young people under 25 account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide.
  • Someone is infected with HIV every 13 seconds.




  • Indigenous people are over-represented in the epidemic and are almost 3X more likely to be infected than other Canadians.
  • A national study found that 50% of grade nine and eleven students wrongly believe there is a vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS.


  • Over 30,000 people have tested positive for HIV in Ontario since 1985.
  • Women accounted for 25% of all HIV positive tests in 2008 compared to 1.8% in 1985.
  • Since 2001, HIV prevalence among persons infected through heterosexual contact has increased 70%.
  • People from Africa and the Caribbean made up over 16% of all new HIV diagnoses in Ontario in 2007


HIV Ontario
HIV stats
  • Over 19,458 people have tested positive for HIV in Toronto since 1985.
  • 65% of all positive HIV test reports in Ontario have been reported in Toronto.
  • Women have accounted for 12% of all positive HIV test reports in Toronto since 1985.