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PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally
2018 20th Anniversary Working Group
Member Role Description


In 2018 PWA will be honouring the Friends For Life Bike Rally’s 20th anniversary. To help us create meaningful and community engaging activities for our anniversary, PWA seeks volunteer members to join staff and management on our 20th anniversary working group.


Role of Members

Members will provide guidance into identifying information, resources, events and ideas that will deepen the connection and understanding between Bike Rally participants and PWA programming, clients and impact.


Recruitment of Members

The 10 member Working Group will be made up of current and past Bike Rally participants, PWA clients, volunteers, donors, members of the community, and PWA staff and management.


Information about how to apply will be available through an information flyer distributed by PWA through electronic newsletters, PWA and Bike Rally Facebook pages, and twitter accounts. To assist with the selection process, participants interested in joining the committee will be asked to fill out a short application (see below) and complete a brief interview.


People who best fit the needs of the Working Group will be selected. Selection will be based on the following:

  • Knowledge and history of engagement with PWA, and of the intersecting issues facing the many different communities of people living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto;
  • Leadership experience, such as participation on boards/other advisory committees, and/or leadership (voluntary and staff) positions with other organizations;
  • Experience with the Bike Rally: We will be seeking a balance of individuals who have and do not have Bike Rally experience.
  • Leadership training such as the ETSN Peer Treatment Counsellor, PHA Legacy program, Positive Leadership Development Institute and Turning To One Another;
  • Representation of the diverse communities infected and affected by HIV/AIDS;
  • Passion for making a difference for people living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.


Responsibilities of Members

Members will be expected to commit approximately 25-30 hours to complete the following:

  • Attend approximately 7-10 meetings including an interview and orientation;
  • Provide recommendations and practical suggestions on key activities and events to honour our 20th anniversary;
  • Identify individuals and groups of people living with, affected by, and connected to HIV/AIDS including clients, donors, volunteers, service providers and others who should participate in anniversary activities;
  • Committee members are invited to support Steering Committee members to help organize, promote and participate in anniversary activities;


Communication & Accountability

The 20th Anniversary Working Group will be facilitated by PWA’s Director, Programs & Services and will report to the Executive Committee.  The working group will be supported by the Manager, Philanthropy & Sponsorship and implementation will be accomplished in collaboration with appropriate Steering Committee members.


Compensation and Support

Consistent with agency practices where HIV+ lived experience is a required contribution, HIV+ members will receive honouraria for their time, and will also be supported with any interpretation and/or child care needed to fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Honoraria:
    • $60 will be provided for meetings and events less than 4 hours;
    • $120 will be provided for meetings and events more than 4 hours;
  • Interpretation will be provided, as required, for all meetings and events.
  • Childcare stipend, in accordance with the THN childcare guidelines, will be provided, as required, for all meetings and events.


Application deadline: Monday October 9, 2017

If you would like to apply for a position on this Working Group, please return your completed application to Michael Reid, Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, at the PWA office or through email: or fax: (416) 506-1404