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On behalf of PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally’s Executive Committee, I am excited to invite applications for the Co-Chair for the 20th and 21st Bike Rally’s.

The purpose of PWA Friends For Life Bike Rally is to raise critical funds for PWA. The Bike Rally is PWA’s signature and sustaining annual fundraising event and includes both the annual 6-day ride from Toronto to Montréal and the 1-day ride from Toronto to Port Hope.

It is a unique and community-driven event with a management structure comprised of a volunteer event planning and supervision committee working along-side PWA staff to form the event leadership. The event is a year-round planning and management effort led by the Executive Committee (EC), Co-Chairs and Steering Committee.

In 2018, the Bike Rally will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. This milestone represents a critical crossroad for both the Bike Rally and PWA. In the fundraising sector, successful large events like the Bike Rally rarely make it to 20 years due to waning enthusiasm from participants, donors and agencies. That the Bike Rally is celebrating its twentieth year stands as an extraordinary testament to the enduring passion and commitment of dedicated individuals who continue the bold legacy created by the small and mighty group of leaders who, in 1999, decided to do something courageous in support of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Because of the Bike Rally’s enormous yearly support, PWA has been a constant and essential support to thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS. In fact, the Bike Rally supports every aspect of PWA’s services, most importantly its practical, therapeutic services and its healing and welcoming space. Every year, over 2,500 people living with HIV/AIDS come to PWA to access financial assistance, food, HIV medication programs and a place to feel safe and connected to a community that cares. The Bike Rally ensures this continuity in critical service for our community.

As we enter this exciting year of the Bike Rally’s 20th anniversary, PWA remains committed as ever to the success and longevity of this amazing event that engages thousands in raising awareness about and critical funds for HIV/AIDS. We see the extraordinary individuals who have participated and dedicated themselves as the key to this events success. As such, PWA will be creating new opportunities for interest and meaningful involvement of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS who are interested in contributing to this momentous year.

For the 20th Anniversary, PWA has decided to open the Co-Chair recruitment to anyone who has participated in the Bike Rally for a minimum of 1 year, including past co-chairs, and we strongly encourage people living with HIV/AIDS who meet this minimum requirement to apply to this exciting volunteer leadership position. Interested applicants are encouraged to review the PWA’s Friends for Life Bike Rally Governance Guide and related materials which provide further details and information related to the overall structure, Co-Chair and other roles.


Co-Chair Responsibilities include:

  • In collaboration with PWA’s Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship and incumbent Bike Rally Co-Chair, provide volunteer leadership to the 20th Anniversary Working Group
  • Set expectations with Steering Committee members for the current year within the context of the BR’s identified long-term priorities, goals and strategic directions as well as those of PWA. This will include goal setting, communications, procedures, processes and documentation.
  • Actively participate on the Executive Committee.
  • Provide support, coaching, consultation and advice to 20th Anniversary Working Group and Steering Committee Members.
  • Coordinate Steering Committee meetings.
  • Ensure storage of required documentation supporting all committee meeting minutes, processes, procedures, budgets, goals, milestones, maps and work plans.
  • Work closely with PWA’s Director of Philanthropy and Communications
  • Complete monthly report to the ED for inclusion in overall agency reporting.


Co-Chair Appointment Process:

  • Co-Chairs are appointed for a two-year period and an opportunity for a third year term in the Past Co-Chair role on the Executive Committee (EC).
  • Appointments are staggered so that there is always a new Co-Chair paired with an experienced Co-Chair. While this allows for some mentorship opportunities based on previous experience in the role, the two roles have equal authority, responsibility and are expected to collaborate fully as a team.
  • EC reviews all applications and selects a maximum of 3 candidates for interviews. Formal interviews will be held by at least the incumbent Bike Rally Co-Chair, Director of Philanthropy & Communications and/or Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, and Executive Director, and where possible the outgoing Bike Rally Co-Chair.
  • Final interview results and recommendations will be reviewed and approved by the full EC.

On behalf of PWA, I want to thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Bike Rally, and to PWA. I so look forward to the many upcoming beautiful, meaningful and exciting moments and new ways of coming together as a community as we celebrate and remember 20 years of the Bike Rally, and its indelible mark on PWA and the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the Co-Chair position or the upcoming 20th anniversary planning. If you are interested in applying for the Co-Chair position, please do submit your application form to me at the contact information listed below by Monday, June 19, 2017.

Many thanks to all of you!

All my best,
Suzanne Paddock,
Interim Executive Director,
fax 416-506-1404
or to PWA at 200 Gerrard St East, 2nd Floor