Be part of a great team and help make the 2019 Bike Rally a huge success!

Since it’s inception the Bike Rally has been led by dedicated volunteers who provide hands-on planning and execution of the event. From fundraising to road crew, food and wellness, there’s something for every interest!

The Steering Committee is supported by PWA’s Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship and the Special Events Coordinator. Meetings are held monthly, although sub-committees may meet more often.

Join the team and help make F4LBR21 an amazing experience!

Read through the position descriptions below then submit your application at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted in the first two weeks of October.


The Bike Rally Steering Committee is led by two volunteer Co-Chairs who serve staggered 2-year terms.


  • Set expectations with Steering Committee members for the applicable year within the context of the BR’s identified long-term priorities, goals and strategic directions as well as those of PWA. This will include goal setting, communications, procedures, processes and documentation.
  • Actively participate on the Executive Committee.
  • Provide support, coaching, consultation and advice to Steering Committee Members.
  • Coordinate Steering Committee meetings.
  • Ensure storage of required documentation supporting all committee meeting minutes, processes, procedures, budgets, goals, milestones, maps and work plans.
  • Work closely with PWA’s Manager, Philanthropy & Sponsorship and Director, Philanthropy & Communications
  • Complete regular check-ins with the PWA Executive Director.

Following are the common responsibilities of all committees of the F4LBR

  • Assist in coordinating and executing pre-departure pickup day, packing day, return day and post event pickup days.
  • Provide a smooth transition period for the following year’s committee.
  • Promote and encourage integration and updates between all committees and members.
  • Create and share a plan of targets, goals and measurables, which is then used for tracking and end of year reporting
  • Identify the wins and challenges for the relevant committee, along with suggestions for next year’s incoming committee member to consider/action/implement.
  • Have a documented status update for each Steering Committee meeting held

The Steering Committee comprises two Co-leads from each of the individual Committees of the Bike Rally as well as the Co-chairs, PWA Director of Development & Communications, PWA Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, PWA Special Events Coordinator and PWA Board Representative. Following are the responsibilities:

  • A two-year commitment, to be staggered between co-leads
  • Mandatory attendance (of at least one co-lead) at all monthly Steering Committee Meetings as well as any additional required meetings for First Response, Cultural Competency and as required.
  • Maintain all new and existing committee documentation in designated online file sharing storage area including:
    • Bike Rally Tracking Sheet – containing committee steering and individual member contact information, goals, action items, etc.
    • Additional Committee Documents such as detailed role descriptions, policies and procedures, specific committee route maps, schedules, lessons learned etc.
  • Create and maintain a budget and submit to PWA for approval
  • Attend major Bike Rally events including, but not limited to, Holiday Party, Kick-Off Party, Big Meeting, Pickup Day, Packing Day, Post Rally Pickup Days, and Reunion
  • Be available to attend group events as put on by recruitment and events & social
  • For Crew Co-leads, be available to drive back from Montreal to Toronto on designated Return Days and assist with unloading.
  • Assist with Bike Rally storage locker clean-out and inventory both pre and post event.
  • Deliver relevant, key information to all Bike Rally participants as required (i.e., Big Meeting, eNews, during the event, etc.).
  • With the assistance of PWA staff, recruit and train volunteers and ensure proper registration procedures are followed.
  • Manage volunteers during events as applicable/needed.
  • Assign crews and supervisory crew for teams and schedules.
  • Hold Rider and Crew Committee meetings at regular intervals (minimum 2) to encourage team building within all committees.
  • Hold two formal meetings within the year with Co-Chairs and PWA staff member (Director of Philanthropy and Communications, Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, or Special Events Coordinator) to update and inform of current and upcoming subcommittee activities
  • Engage volunteers and committee members and encourage the development of leadership for future years.
  • Promote and encourage integration and communication between all committees.
  • Coordinate with PWA staff as needed.
  • Maintain an environment of privacy and confidentiality within volunteer management and throughout entire event.
  • Other duties as required.

The Community Engagement committee is responsible for connecting with current and new supporters in the communities along the Bike Rally route to cheer on and support Participants, as they make their way through to Montreal. Also, and in cooperation with the Recruitment Committee, develop relationships with local Toronto groups and organizations to increase awareness of the Bike Rally and recruit participants.


  • Seek, create, and foster new relationships with organizations that would like to become a part of the ever-growing Bike Rally Family.
  • Delegate holiday cards for Bike Rally supporters in early winter.
  • Manage sub-committee volunteers to expand growth of engagement.
  • Attend engagement events that support and encourage our supportive communities.
  • Establish and maintain relations with politicians (MPs, Mayors, Councilors, etc.), that continue to support and/or would like to support the Bike Rally.
  • Contact current clubs, businesses, churches, AIDS Service Organization (ASOs), foundations, institutions, BIA’s, etc. who continue to show support for the cause and keep them engaged and informed with the progress of the Bike Rally.
  • Consult the community as part of creating awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS.
  • Join Bike Rally Executive Leadership on preliminary road trip to Montreal to engage with our supporters
  • Inform the community as part of our planned arrival times and days before the Rally.
  • Keep records of contact names, their associations, and any previous engagement assistance they’ve made.
  • Work with Media and Communications to develop a schedule of meeting points along the Ride.
  • Follow up with contacts after the Ride and delegate ‘Thank you’ letters from Bike Rally contacts.

The Food Crew, in coordination with the official caterer for the event, is responsible for all aspects of nutrition and hydration during the event.

  • Duties:
    • In coordination with PWA, ensure that all food and hydration supplies are quoted, ordered and received in time for Bike Rally departure and/or scheduled for pickup along the route.
    • Develop schedules for breaks, lunches and dinner including setup, serving, teardown and cleanup.
    • Develop menu for breaks.
    • Responsible for disposal of all garbage and recycling during event.
    • Manage and maintain the Food Crew event route maps, updating as required for detours due to construction, etc.
    • Work with the Rider Team Lead Committee to schedule rider team assistance at mealtimes during the event.
    • Work with Manager of Philanthropy and Sponsorship to ensure sponsor signs are set up at the appropriate meals
    • Work with PWA and recruit volunteers for the Food Crew.
    • Supervise a team of volunteers during the event. This includes Snack Truck Teams, breakfast, lunch, dinner crews and on ride sponsors.
    • Hold daily crew meetings during the event.
    • Establish a communication schedule to keep crew members informed of team news, Bike Rally news and upcoming training and events.
    • Establish and maintain a welcoming team environment.
    • Organize a minimum of one crew social prior to the event to encourage crew team building before the event.
    • Actively recruit future members for Food Crew leadership throughout the year.

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing a participant fundraising support strategy.


  • Provide strong support to all Riders and Crew in their fundraising efforts and, in coordination with PWA Director of Philanthropy & Communications and Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, develop and implement a robust Fundraising Strategy.
  • Support New Fundraisers by facilitating training, and developing support material and guidelines.
  • Empower Top Fundraisers through recruitment, encouragement, acknowledgment, and by active listening.
  • Ensure Fundraising Tools & Resources, such as Frontstream, the online fundraising interface, and fundraising-related content on the Bike Rally website, are continually being improved.
  • In coordination with the Sponsorship Committee, PWA Staff and Media and Communications, plan for and secure any incentive prizes, and ensure adequate communication and promotion of incentives.
  • Work with the entire Steering Committee and Working Groups to ensure Fundraising is a component and priority throughout all our activities.

The Media and Communications Committee is responsible for raising awareness of the Bike Rally and the work of PWA through effective use of all available communication channels and identify opportunities to improve communication delivery and effectiveness of messaging through other Committees.


All media-related work leading up to, during and post event including:

  • Build Media and Communications Committee with PWA Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship.
  • Create Media Communications Plan and review with Executive Committee and Presenting Sponsor, if applicable
  • Create media plan and review in conjunction with Sponsorship and Co-Chairs
  • Develop personal interest stories for media pitches and to ensure appropriate messaging.
  • Assess and build media opportunities within the Bike Rally community.
  • Collect and update media contacts and pursue media opportunities.
  • Collect and store all media coverage – print, web and video.
  • Work with Executive Committee to maintain and update Preparedness Plan.
  • Provide post event media summary for Executive Committee and Sponsor recognition packages.
  • Create and distribute press releases.
  • Establish contact with any on-site media and ensure they receive key messages and media content.
  • Create and maintain a media package.

The communication platforms include the website (, social media (Facebook & Twitter), Bike Rally News/Bulletins and other initiatives.

  • Work with PWA to update recruiting poster and brochure.
  • Maintain and update webpages and information.
  • Organize conversion to following year of all dates, information and links to be implemented
  • Maintain email forwarding for various email IDs.
  • Provide Executive Committee with website traffic and social media statistics.
  • Manage Bike Rally News schedule.
  • Solicit, write, edit and distribute relevant content in coordination with PWA.
  • Develop strategic plan for and maintain Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.
  • Attend (or delegate) all Bike Rally events to ensure exposure and capturing the build up to the ride


  • Work with PWA, Co-Chairs and Media and Communications Co Leads to create graphics for Bike Rally Promotions, Events, Social Media, etc. Assist other committees with their needs for graphics as needed.


  • Work with the Media & Communications co-leads and the Director of Philanthropy & Communications
  • Must have knowledge and skill working with WordPress and Constant Contact platforms
  • Maintains the official Bike Rally website:
    • Timely updating of information, images and graphics
  • Set up and distribution of Bike Rally communications (Bike Rally News, Daily Cog, Bulletins)
  • Ongoing evaluation of the website template and it’s functionality

All event photography pre and during event.

Social Events Photography

  • Attend all Bike Rally Social Events including but not limited to Holiday Party, Launch, Jersey Social (Spring Fling), Big Meeting and Montreal Arrival Party.
  • Act as official photographer as all Bike Rally Social Events.
  • Provide a copy of pictures to PWA and Media and Communications Committee.

Event Photography

  • Travels with Bike Rally as the official event photographer.
  • Takes pictures throughout the event.
  • Gets signed waivers from non-participants or for special situations.
  • Provides a copy of pictures to PWA and Media and Communications Committee.

Event Videography

  • Travels with Bike Rally as the official event videographer.
  • Takes video throughout the event.
  • Gets signed waivers from non-participants or for special situations.
  • Provides a copy of video to PWA.

The Participant Engagement Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all of the events/activities engaging Participants leading up to, during and after the Ride.


  • The Participant Engagement co-leads are responsible for recruiting members to the Participant Engagement Committee. The co-leads are responsible for chairing and leading the committee, and planning events; the committee members will support planning and execution of events.
  • In coordination with the Steering Committee and PWA Staff, schedule, organize and implement social events throughout the year including, but not limited to, the reunion party, holiday party, launch party, Big Meeting social, David Linton Memorial Ride, and Montreal Arrival Party.
  • Plan and execute evening activities for Participants during the rally. In the past, Bike Rally events have included the Port Hope Lounge and Luau, Bike Rally’s Got Talent, Pimp Your Helmet, Light Up The Night and Bike Rally Karaoke.  PEC will also be called upon to support the Candlelight Celebration.
  • Develop and facilitate themes and activities during the events and publicize in coordination with Media and Communications.
  • In coordination with the Sponsorship Committee and PWA Staff, plan for and secure any prizes, decorations, food or special materials required for social events.

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of both riders and crew for the event.


  • Develop recruitment and retention strategy for the year.
  • Conduct market research with past, present, and potential Bike Rally participants.
  • In collaboration with the Graphic Designer and Media and Communications Committee develop advertising materials and marketing initiatives to promote the Rally.
  • Develop and monitor tracking tools for advertising/marketing effectiveness.
  • Analyze registration trends to inform recruitment and retention strategy.
  • Liaise with PWA Staff for registration at events, shows, conventions, etc.
  • Coordinate Recruitment crew volunteers to attend events, shows, conventions, etc.
  • Place orders for show supplies with PWA Special Events Coordinator minimum 1 week prior to event for pickup.
  • Manage logistics for recruitment events including setup, strike, scheduling and transportation of materials and resources as required.
  • Attend, or delegate, to all mass events that are setup and scheduled to ensure maximum recruitment opportunities

Committee Roles:

Recruitment – First-Time Riders (Events)

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, determine what events to attend throughout the year, and tactics to maximize recruitment.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers for each event as required.

Recruitment – First-Time Riders (Digital)

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, develop and execute digital recruitment campaign(s) throughout the year.
  • Strengthen Bike Rally awareness in various online / social communities.

Recruitment – Returning Riders (Word-of-Mouth / Referral)

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, develop and execute a plan to engage with and recruit former riders.
  • With Team Leader Co-Leads, empower Team Leads to attract and recruit team members to their teams throughout the year.
  • Mobilize registered riders to be “Recruitment Ambassadors” through word-of-mouth / referral tactics, including on the ride itself.

Recruitment – Messaging / Creative

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, develop recruitment-specific messaging / creative strategy and deliverables to be used across multiple communication and marketing channels in support of Recruitment-specific initiatives. Examples: Video, Graphics for Social Media, Website Content & Images
  • Partner closely with other committee members and Media & Comms Co-Leads.

Recruitment – Kingston Lead

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, lead recruitment in Kingston for the 3-day ride.
  • Partner closely with other committee members and with Community Engagement.

Recruitment – Out-of-Town Riders

  • With PWA Staff and Co-Leads, strategically expand awareness of the Bike Rally beyond our traditional catchment area of Toronto (e.g. Vancouver, Montreal, Boston, California)

The Rider Team Lead Committee leads the rider teams for the event.


  • In coordination with PWA, Leads recruit, manage, support, and coordinate training for Rider Team Leaders (TLs) to help prepare Riders for the event.
  • In co-ordination with Training and Support, work on training plan, needs and execution.
  • Develop a culture whereby the TLs recognize that they are the first line of knowledge, promotion and support of the ride
  • Use the Ambassador Program to ensure that all first-year riders are connected to the ride as soon as they sign up and that they have an individual to turn to when they have questions regarding the ride, prior to team formation.
  • Work with each TL to ensure that there is an action plan in place to ensure first-year riders get the best possible experience
  • In coordination with PWA, assign Riders to teams.
  • Schedule training rides and assign TLs to make announcements and sweep (or recruit sweeps) for each training ride.
  • Supply waivers and track rider participation on all training rides and provide to PWA.
  • Work with Food Committee Co-leads to schedule assistance at meals.
  • Co-operating with Training and Support Co-leads, manage and maintain the training ride route maps, updating as required for detours due to construction, etc.
  • Ensure Sweep report is completed after each training ride.
  • Develop communication strategy to ensure all participants are engaged
  • Provide form ‘emails’/letters or templates to team leaders to ensure consistent messaging
  • Be an active promoter of our sponsors and in coordination with the Sponsorship committee, secure any prizes or product to assist with team building

Team Leads:


  • Co-Manage a team of riders.
  • Act as first line of communication with riders and answer or redirect, as necessary, any questions riders may have.
  • In coordination with PWA, establish a communication schedule informing riders of important deadlines, dates, Bike Rally news and upcoming events.
  • Be active in the recruitment process, both for riders and potential Leadership for the Rally.
  • Assemble riders during the event for location departures, to sweep for half-day and to help with serving meals.
  • Lead training rides as required, including sweeping, warm up, announcements and encourage riders to sign in /use waivers.
  • Pre-survey training ride routes and communicate results to Rider Team Committee Leads.
  • Hold a minimum of three team building meetings prior to the event; encourage and provide support and team participation before, during and after the event.
  • Track the development of the riders as it pertains to deadlines, training and fundraising
  • Assist PWA in ensuring that riders meet minimum fundraising requirements no later than June 30. All riders must meet minimum training ride distances no later than the end of the first week of July in order to be eligible for the ride.
  • Other duties as required.

The Road Support Crew is responsible for Rider support during the event and at least one 100km pre-event training ride. It is comprised of 3 sub-crews with varying responsibilities and schedules during the Rally: Road Support Van Crew; Motorcycles; Mechanics;

Duties of RS Co-Leads:

  • Coordinate a team of 25-30 volunteers before, during, and after the event.
  • Coordinate and train sub-crews regarding policies and procedures related to the Bike Rally.
  • Assign crew to assist in long training rides in conjunction with Rider Team Leader Committee.
  • Coordinate the placement of crew along the route during the event and safe transportation of riders during the event.
  • Working with PWA, recruit volunteers for the Road Support Crew.
  • Hold daily crew meetings during the event.
  • Establish a communication schedule to keep crew members informed of team news, Bike Rally news and upcoming training and events.
  • Establish and maintain a welcoming team environment.
  • Organize a minimum of one crew social prior to the event to encourage crew team building before the event.
  • Organize a minimum of one training session prior to the event.
  • Responsible for management of both ongoing training and specific training sessions for all Road Support sub-crews.
  • Liaise with other crew leads throughout long training rides and the event.
  • Together with Training and Support Co-leads, and Team Leads, actively participate in the survey and safety assessment of training rides.
  • In coordination with the Sponsorship Committee, inform and encourage crew to pursue sponsorship opportunities. Encourage engagement with Fundraising leaders to maximize dollars raised by crew.

The Rubbermaid Rustlers transport all Bike Rally participants’ personal gear during the Bike Rally.


  • Work together to coordinate the logistics and best practices of the Rustler Crew.
  • Working with PWA, recruit volunteers for the Rustler Crew.
  • Supervise a team of volunteers during the Rally.
  • Establish a communication schedule to keep crew members informed of team news, Bike Rally news and upcoming training and events.
  • Establish and maintain a welcoming team environment.
  • Organize a minimum of one crew social prior to the event to encourage crew team building before the event.
  • Organize training sessions for driving practice and tent (massage, mechanic & snack) setup and teardown.
  • Manage and maintain the Rustler event route maps, updating as required for detours due to construction, etc.
  • Have a valid G class driver’s license and be comfortable driving large vehicles.
  • Able to lift 50 to 70 lbs.
  • In coordination with the Sponsorship Committee, PWA Staff and Media and Communications, plan for and secure any group donations, and ensure adequate communication and promotion of product provided for socials

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for securing both in-cash and in-kind corporate sponsors.


  • In coordination with PWA Manager of Philanthropy & Sponsorship, develop Sponsorship strategy and recognition standards.
  • Engage in networking and prospecting activities in the community to expand the Bike Rally’s network of corporate contacts.
  • Approach potential sponsors for in-cash/in-kind donations or discounts on materials and services used by the Bike Rally and its participants.
  • Work closely with PWA staff to ensure consistent communications and follow-up.
  • Ensure proper stewardship of, and appropriate recognition to, sponsors prior to, during and after the event in coordination with PWA staff.
  • Ensure engaging, communicating and follow up meets with the sponsors preferred method (face-face, email, calls, etc.) and where possible, includes PWA Staff representation.
  • Ensure all contracts and offerings, are signed by PWA Staff representative and are consistent amongst the bike rally sponsorship levels
  • Work with all other committee members to ensure appropriate recognition is attributed to each sponsor
  • Give regular updates as to the ‘state of the nation’ and the identified sponsors and what we are asking for
  • Ensure that all sponsors asks from our participants and community are vetted by the committee

The Training and Support Committee is responsible for providing riders with information in various formats that will assist them in being prepared for the event.


  • Develop training and support strategy for the year, including the calendar of winter training events, seminars/clinics, and spring/summer training schedule;
  • Help prepare riders for the event by scheduling and organizing seminars on new participant orientation, flat fix and bike maintenance, cycling techniques, and sports nutrition;
  • Organize the Bike Rally Expo;
  • Organize and manage the winter training sessions;
  • Provide guidance and advice to Rider Team Leads on potential training issues/questions from their team;
  • Work with partner bike shops (e.g., Sweet Pete’s, Cycle Solutions, MEC) to arrange seminars, events, and/or discount days;
  • Assist in developing a rider safety plan;
  • Maintain the library of training ride route maps and cue sheets, updating and finalizing the published versions based on route scouting feedback by Team Leads; and
  • Respond to training questions from riders to ensure a successful training season and maximum event preparedness.
  • Lead by example, being present and encouraging at key training rides and events.

The Wellness Crew is responsible for all medical aspects during the event including complementary therapies.


  • Supervise volunteers and assign roles during event (including therapists, nurses, yoga instructors, chiropractors – any and all therapists).
  • Assist with long training rides, 2 per year in conjunction with CMCC.
  • Maintain copies of confidential medical information from Bike Rally participants during the event and enforce proper privacy protection of information and secure destruction post event.
  • Responsible for responding to medical issues of crew and riders as brought to the attention of the Wellness crew.
  • Wellness Committee Lead has final say in treatment and suitability to continue ride.
  • Contribute in any crisis management efforts.
  • Schedule and deliver two First Response training sessions to Bike Rally leadership.
  • Working with PWA, recruit volunteers for the Wellness Crew.
  • Establish a communication schedule to keep crew members informed of team news, Bike Rally news and upcoming training and events.
  • Establish and maintain a welcoming team environment.
  • Organize a minimum of one crew social prior to the event to encourage crew team building.

Reporting to the Co-Chairs and PWA – person(s) to:


  • Be responsible for updating all event maps (both rider and crew).
  • Create electronic formats for GPS and smart phones (KMZ or other popular formats)

F4LBR21 Steering Committee Application Form





Download a PDF of the 2019 Steering Committee Descriptions here.